Spring Dance Showcase

Spring Showcase 2024:
-June 15th for recreational/regular classes
-June 14th for Competitive Students 

Group of girls dressed up for Spring Dance Showcase

Spring Showcase

At APA, students have the opportunity to perform in both our Winter and Spring Showcases! During the Fall and Spring Sessions, after students have learned dance fundamentals, the dance their class will perform at Showcase will be incorporated into class! Showcases/Recitals are optional and not a requirement for students to participate. 

Our APA 2024 Spring Showcase will be held at Oak Creek Performing Arts Center (OCPAEC) on June 14th & 15th. Please find your student’s class to see what show they are scheduled for. This is a ticketed event and tickets must be purchased through our online ticket sales. Anyone occupying a seat will have to purchase a ticket.

Venue Address:
340 E. Puetz Rd. Oak Creek, WI 53154

Ways to Order Tickets

Tickets go on sale on Monday, May 13th at 1pm by visiting:  https://29869.danceticketing.com/r/events/



Pictures & IN-STUDIO Dress Rehearsals: How It Works

Pictures and in-studio dress rehearsal will take place at the OAK CREEK studio on June 11th-13th. Rehearsal Times are listed on our Showcase Performance Order Index spreadsheet (HERE) next to your dancers’ showcase time

You can also see the Rehearsal times listed with your student’s costumes on the Showcase Costume Index:
-Oak Creek Costume Index
-Franklin Costume Index

There are no regular classes this week starting Tuesday, June 11th. We will have normal classes on Monday, June 10th because we are/were closed on Memorial Day Monday.

  • We will have our students come to APA (Oak Creek location) 15 minutes prior to their scheduled rehearsal time in complete costume with hair and make-up done. This will help our teachers see if there are any costume or shoe issues before our performance.  Please bring all pieces that came with the costume so teachers can help w/ placement.  Make sure your dancer has the correct shoes.
  • Students will have time to run through their routines a few times and then immediately head to another studio room for their pictures to be professionally taken.  We expect this to take 20-30 minutes from your students’ start time.
  • We will have students arrive at the Oak Creek Performing Arts and Education Center on the day of their showcase time early to view the stage and their performance spot.  
  • We cannot wait for late arrivals as this will delay our whole night.  If a student misses their rehearsal, they are still welcome to attend 6/11-6/13 from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm to get their photo taken.  They can be edited to be in a group panoramic photo.
  • These are closed rehearsals so we ask that parents wait outside to free space in our lobby area for dancers.  Parents can only be in the building between classes when/if the children are changing and need assistance.  Our staff will direct you to our pick-up area upon arrival.


Costumes/Music Selection: Our teachers select the music and costumes for each class. For our Spring show, Once the teachers have selected their music and costumes, they must be approved by the studio director to assure they are age appropriate. Spring costumes are the same as our winter costumes. Please click on the links below to view:

-Oak Creek Costume Index
-Franklin Costume Index

***Boy students who are enrolled in co-ed classes will be emailed their costumes directly.

Costume Measuring: To save the students and parents time, we measure the students during one of their first classes of the school year. If a dancer is absent, we make it our responsibility to make sure they are measured the next time they come in the studio. If you sign up after we have already measured, we will measure your child separately. We order the costumes with extra room for growth.

Costume Fees:
Gr. 1st & younger $70/class (Plus Tax)
Gr. 2nd-5th $78/class (Plus Tax)
Gr. 5 & up $83/class (Plus Tax)

**Costumes are ordered in Fall and worn for both the Fall and Spring Showcases**

Costume Ordering Deadlines: 

Our 1st group order will be placed on February 1st for students who purchase their costumes right away.  Our 2nd group order will be on February 15th.  Any purchases AFTER February 15th will be charged a $10 individual shipping charge if the costume is still available to order and we are able to get it in time. 

The sooner you purchase your costume, the sooner it will come in.  Some costumes are in-stock and some costumes are special orders that could take 2-3 months to get in.  Students will get measured by our front desk staff.  Payment is required to order your child’s costume.

Costume Payments: Everyone was charged on September 27th for their costume. If you are new and have registered after this date, you have one week from your first class to decide without paying a shipping fee. Please keep in mind the faster you order your costume, the sooner it will be here.

Matching shoes are required for each dance. You will receive your free pair of tights and hairpiece with your costume. Every class has a different costume. For each class your dancer participates in, they will owe the amount above per costume. For all Ages 3-4 and Grades K-1st Ballet/Tap Class – They will perform 2 numbers in the same show wearing the same costume! Please ask our front desk if you want to know if certain combo classes share the same costume.

Showcase Required Shoes: *all shoes must be purchased from APA or approved to wear by the teacher
Ballet – Leather Pink Ballet Slippers (Target does not sell these!)
Jazz & Poms– Tan Jazz Shoes
Hip HopAge 3-4 any solid white tennis shoes (provide on your own). Grades K-5th – silver sparkly tennis shoes purchased at APA. Grades 5th-up – white canvas shoes purchased at APA.  Boys: purchase any type of black tennis shoes.
Tap – Tan Tap shoes
Contemporary – Ask the teacher (foot thongs, barefoot or jazz shoes)
*Grades 2nd-8th Combo classes, please ask your teacher.

Costume Delivery: Costumes will be handed out in class as they arrive.  Some costumes will not be available until mid-May.  It is imperative that students attend all classes in order to make sure they are there when the costumes are delivered.

Q1. Does my dancer have to drop out of class if he/she chooses not to be in either recitals?
A1. Absolutely Not! We will still have regular classes and only work on our dance at the end of class. Your dancer will still learn the dance and perfect it just like the other dancers. We have students that have weddings or other events that day and cannot attend our showcase, but love learning the dance and taking class.

Q2. Will live-streaming still be available for purchase if we have family members that do not feel comfortable attending in-person or we do not have enough tickets due to limited capacity?
A2. We will NOT be live streaming this event since we give everyone digital copies of all the recreational performances.

To view and pre-download (incase the venue wifi is poor) the 2024 Showcase Programs!

Student Arrival Time for Shows:
Students should arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of their show time to practice formations on stage.

***Dancers are NOT allowed to enter or sit in the auditorium with their costumes on.  OCPAEC is very strict with this rule to avoid glitter/sequins being left behind.

Volunteer Arrival Times: Volunteers should arrive 50 minutes prior to the start of the show and are required to stay for the duration of the show.

Spectator Arrival Times:  Doors open 30 minutes prior to each showtime.  To expedite and avoid less congestion in the lobby area, please send your tickets to the rest of your party before arriving.  

NOTE: Please have one adult drop your dancer off at our back-stage entrance when dancer is ready with costume and shoes on.  Our staff will be directing you. During recitals dancers stay backstage with our parent volunteers.  If we need to page any parents, we will make an announcement in the auditorium.

Please do NOT send jackets, boots or street shoes back-stage to avoid anyone losing any items. Parents can take these items to their seats. Students should arrive backstage with their dance costumes and dance shoes on. It is also a good idea to have shoes and costumes labeled. If your student has more than one dance and needs to change their costumes or shoes, please bring this backstage (including accessories) in a labeled bag so all items stay together. We will have volunteers backstage helping with quick changes for those who need it.

Students performing in more than one class – by June 1st, we will list our performance orders on the same spreadsheet that you find out your showcase/rehearsal time.  There will be a tab on the bottom called “Performance Line-Up”.  Please look at the order so you know what costume to arrive in.  We have parents backstage to help w/ quick changes and can assist your dancer if needed.

Dancer Pick-Up After the Show:
For classes grades 5th and younger, dancers will get picked up backstage where you dropped students off.  To limit the amount of people backstage, only 1 adult will be allowed to pick up.  Our staff will direct you.  Grades 5th-8th/Teen classes will get picked up in the west corner of the lobby.

Scroll down to view performance times and additional details.

How will this work?  Each class will be assigned to one performance time.  Shows will run approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes with a short intermission.  All classes ages 4 and younger will perform before the intermission and are allowed to leave during the intermission if you feel your student is too young to last the whole show. 

Students will stay back-stage during the entire show with our parent volunteers. Click HERE to view all class expectations and how many dances each combo class will perform in each Showcase. 
***Dancers are NOT allowed to enter or sit in the auditorium with their costumes on.  OCPAEC is very strict w/ this rule to avoid glitter/sequins being left behind.

Showcase & Rehearsal TimesCheck the linked spreadsheet below to view your child’s picture/rehearsal time and the performance time(s).  Find your class time and teacher in the columns on the left. Then look straight across the rows to view your picture/rehearsal day & time, and performance day & time! Each rehearsal and performance will start promptly at the scheduled time (we cannot wait for late arrivals). 

Click HERE to view the Showcase Performance Order Index Spreadsheet

You can also see the Rehearsal and Performance Order times with your student’s costumes on the Showcase Costume Index:
-Oak Creek Costume Index
-Franklin Costume Index

Showcase Required Shoes: *all shoes must be purchased from APA or approved to wear by the teacher

Ballet – Leather Pink Ballet Slippers (Target does not sell these!)

Jazz & Poms– Tan Jazz Shoes

Hip HopAge 3-4 any solid white tennis shoes (provide on your own).
Grades K-5th – silver sparkly tennis shoes purchased at APA.
Grades 5th-up
– white canvas shoes purchased at APA. 
Boys: purchase any type of black tennis shoes.

Tap – Tan Tap shoes

Contemporary –  Foot Shield

*Grades 2nd-8th Combo classes, please ask your teacher.
We have shoes and extra tights available for sale at the studio, but you are not required to buy them from us.   

Showcase Performance Hair:
-All Recreational Classes: High, curled ponytail
-Team Students: Required team hair. 
Check your newsletter or check with your team coach if you are unsure what the required style is. Video tutorials are available on the team page.

Curled Ponytail Examples

Curled Ponytail Examples


This is optional for students enrolled in recreational classes. If you feel comfortable having your student wear make-up on stage, please have them wear some. With the bright lighting on stage, students can often look washed so a little lipstick, blush, and eye-shadow will help with this and bring out their adorable expressions! We understand if you do not want your younger student to wear this. 
Competitive Team Students – are required to wear their performance makeup on stage.

School & Sports Pictures will be at our Dress Rehearsals.  You will be emailed a proof 2-3 weeks after your student’s rehearsal to see if you would like to purchase anything. 

Feel free to take any photos during the show WITHOUT your flash-on as this can be distracting to students.

Digital Video of Performances:  
Everyone will be emailed a digital copy of each APA Showcase approximately 1 month after the performance FREE of charge!  Please remember that this will not be a zoomed-in image on your child and will showcase all dancers on stage.   Families are also welcome to videotape the performances as well as long as you are not in the way of another family.

If you have any questions, please let us know! Our staff is happy to help!