Three girls walking into building wearing APA gear

APA Dance Dress Code

To look like a dancer encourages one to conduct oneself like a dancer!

Please make sure your child is wearing dance attire in class. Our studio sells all required dancewear, but you may purchase attire from any dancewear store as well. During our school year session, shoes need to be purchased from APA to ensure uniformity because of their performances.

Standard Dance Dress Code

Grades 1st and Younger:

Ballet & Ballet/Tap Combos: Leotard, tights, pink leather ballet shoes, skirt or shorts over are optional, tan tap shoes if applicable.

Tumbling/Acro Classes: Leotard, no skirts but fitted shorts are optional, no tights, bare feet.

Hip Hop: Any gym clothes that you are able to move around in, see shoe requirement below:
-Age 3-4 Pre-Hip Hop: Clean tennis shoes (not sold at APA). And any white low-top tennis shoes if participating in a showcase.
-Grades K-5th – Silver sparkly tennis shoes, purchased at APA.

Poms: Leotard, jazz pants (similar to yoga pants) or fitted shorts, tan jazz shoes.

Boys: We ask that boys get black tennis shoes on their own for hip hop and black ballet, black tap, or black jazz shoes from APA (based upon class enrollment) for other classes.

Grades 2nd and Older:

Ballet, Jazz, Poms: Leotard, jazz pants (similar to yoga pants) or fitted shorts, pink ballet shoes, or tan jazz shoes as applicable.

Tap, Hip Hop: Any gym/athletic clothes that you are able to move around in (pants must be off dancers’ feet for tap). Tan tap shoes for Tap. APA required hip hop shoes:
-Grades 5th and younger hip hop has silver sparkly shoes.
-Grades 5th and older have white canvas low-top shoes.

Contemporary/Lyrical: Leotard, jazz pants/fitted shorts – Foot shield(click for example) for all ages. (Foot shield only required for school year session. Ballet or Jazz shoes are allowed for summer).

Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary Combo Classes: Leotard, jazz pants/fitted shorts – Please ask the front desk or your teacher for shoe requirements.

Boys: We ask that boys get black tennis shoes on their own for hip hop and black ballet, black tap, or black jazz shoes from APA (based upon class enrollment) for other classes.

Summer Dance Dress Code

Our summer mini sessions do not have a required dress code unlike our school year session.

We ask dancers to wear comfortable clothes you can easily move around in.  Socks or dance shoes are allowed.  Hip Hop we allow clean gym shoes.

Additional Notes:

  • Do not wear your dance shoes/gym shoes outside, please change them before and after class.
  • Hair must be up and out of your face and jewelry removed if distracting.
  • No cell phones!
  • Teens may want to wear sports bras under their leotard!
  • Please no midriff-baring clothing.
  • No gum, food or drinks are allowed in the studio room.
  • Dancers may store their belongings in the cubbies inside the studio at their own risk.  APA and its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Please leave valuables at home.


Competitive Teams Intensive Classes:  Please ask Team Coordinator if you are unsure on attire.

Additional Dress Codes

Technique & Team Classes:

Leveled Technique Ballet Classes: Hair in a bun, solid black leotard, pink tights (can be convertible but must be pulled down over the feet), ballet shoes, and the hip alignment belt corresponding to dancer’s level.

Leveled Technique Classes and Competitive Team Rehearsals: Hair in a bun, solid black leotard, tan tights, and appropriate shoes. Fitted, solid black shorts or pants above the ankle are allowed in classes/rehearsals. Ponytails are permitted in tap and hip hop classes only. Each instructor may enforce what they feel is appropriate given the choreography, time spent each class adjusting hair, etc.

Note: If class/rehearsal is before or after dancer’s ballet class, ballet dress code must still be followed in ballet class.

Assistant Dress Code:

Black “assistant” t-shirt, hair in a bun, tights (pink or tan) pulled down over feet, and appropriate shoes. Approved long sleeve cover-ups and solid black fitted shorts or black ballet skirts (no shorts in ballet, skirts ONLY in ballet) are allowed. Hair in a ponytail may be allowed with prior approval (class-dependent).

Do not wear your dance shoes outside, please change them before and after class. Hair must be up and out of your face. No gum or eating in the classroom. No cell phones! Teens – you may wear sports bras under your leotard, no regular bras, please. Dance Costumes are not appropriate dance attire for class!

Keeping in line with our modesty promise, we do not allow midriff-baring attire during APA classes.

Dress code notes:

Fostering a Sense of Identity: Dressing in specific dance attire creates visual unity among our dancers, fostering a sense of identity, belonging and pride within our passionate community.

Feeling Like a Dancer: The right dance attire transforms your child from a student to a dancer, allowing them to move freely, focus on technique, and fully engage in the artistic expression that dance offers.

Enhancing Discipline and Focus: The dress code plays a crucial role in enhancing discipline and focus during dance classes. By minimizing distractions and creating a professional atmosphere, it ensures that every student can make the most out of their dance education.

Promoting Equality and Inclusivity: Uniformity in attire promotes equality among our dancers, irrespective of their background or personal style. It fosters a sense of inclusivity, emphasizing that everyone is an essential part of our dance family.

Preparing for Performance: Following the dress code helps prepare dancers for the stage, instilling a sense of responsibility and attention to detail, ensuring they are comfortable and confident during recitals and performances.

How Parents Can Help Optimise Their Dancers Experience With The Dress Code:

    • Ensure your child has the correct dance attire for their classes.
    • Label all dancewear with your child’s name to avoid mix-ups.
    • Encourage your child to take pride in their appearance as a dancer.