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The Academy of Performing Arts takes great pride in catering to kids from age 2 up to 18 with our dance programs.

We believe in meeting your child where they are and bringing out the best in them through our wide array of dance classes and highly experienced teachers.

Do you want your child to learn new and exciting skills and develop unmatched confidence – all while staying physically fit? Your child is already a good fit for APA and we can’t wait to have them over!


Basic to Advance Lessons

We understand that every child has their own unique interests, needs and challenges, hence the skills we teach include basic to advanced techniques to help each child maximize their potential and follow their dreams.

Make Up Classes

Not only do we allow make up classes, but we allow you to make up your missed class in ANY class. Maybe try Hip Hop or Poms. Get your full tuition value!

Parent Viewing

Parent involvement is very important to us. All of our classrooms can be viewed by our one way observation windows.  You can see your child but they are not distracted by the waiting area.  ***If our lobby is closed, parents have the ability to watch our classes Via Zoom.

Mental & Physical Fitness

One cannot ignore the importance of physical health, however, here at The Academy, we focus on both physical and mental fitness. Being a part of a dance class naturally makes your child strive to be physically and mentally active so they can be a sound part of the team.

Modesty Promise

Modesty is a core value at APA and it reflects in all that we do. From the modest dressing of our teachers to the conservative lyrics in music and age-appropriate dance moves, we keep everything in strict alignment with our values.

Annual Performance

We know our families are extremely busy, yet they still want to give their child the chance to perform in front of family and friends. We also combine our picture and dress rehearsal day to save you time and hassle.

Small Class Size

Our class size is smaller than other studios because we believe in individual attention.  Our technique classes have individual goal sheets to track your child’s progress to ensure they are moving forward with every passing day. We want your child to have the very best educational experience.


We want our APA kids to always strive for progression. We help them achieve this with experienced, inspirational teachers as well as skill ribbons, parent observation days, a free showcase shirt, and even a free copy of their Spring performance!  *Covid-19 could alter some of these things mentioned above.

Exceptional Facility

Our dance studios have a professional floating floor which means it’s not mounted into the walls, therefore giving a spring like experience which is both fun and injury preventive. We also have an on-site one-stop-shop stocked with everything your child will ever need (shoes, tights, dance-wear and more!).


FREE Copy of the Spring Showcase

FREE Participation Medal for end of year show

FREE APA T-shirt

20% OFF on your 2nd class and 30% OFF on 3 or more!

Sibling discount on all group dance classes

FREE School bag for all students

Being a member of the studio has not only taught our daughter how to dance, but has also taught her about commitment and teamwork, and has increased her self-confidence. Our daughter loves going to dance class and competitions, not only to see the wonderful friends she has made but also because her coaches make learning and competing exciting, challenging and fun.

Devin H.

My daughter has been attending the Oak Creek Academy of Performing Arts for the past 8 years. She is in a variety of classes and really enjoys each class. She has been happy with all of her teachers and has built some lasting friendships.

Vicki C.

In addition to learning the fundamentals and discipline of dance, Kate has made new friends and developed socially, as well. She can hardly wait to go to ballet and tap each week because, "Dance day is the BEST day of the week!" I am also pleased with the knowledge and dedication of the staff at The Academy.

Sari F.

The Academy teachers serve as good role models for them and hold them to high standards both on the dance floor and in their everyday lives. My daughters have learned self-confidence, healthy body image and a respect of others while learning dance skills and having fun along the way. They have built great friendships and love to go to dance class.

Kelley H.

Both at the recreational level and at the competitive level, my three dancers have mastered new dance skills, gained self-confidence, and formed bonds with their instructors and classmates that will last a lifetime. The Academy of Performing Arts Staff, Facilities, and Program Options are second to none!

Amy S.

It is refreshing to work with a studio that encourages age appropriate music, costumes and dances. They not only teach the technical and artistic skills of dance, they truly are mentors. . Not only has the Academy taught my girls to be great dancers, the staff and teachers have encouraged them to be great young ladies!

Stacy L.

Our daughter, Faith, has now been attending the Academy for over 6 years. You can really tell the teachers love what they do and that they really care about their students. Both of my children are now taking guitar lessons at the Academy and the music teachers are just as inviting and caring as the dance teachers. I am always proud to say my children are a part of The Academy and always recommend the Academy to anyone who asks where my children go.

Cindy G.


Small class guarantee for younger classes (Max class size for age 2.5 – 4 is 12 students, while for age 5-6 it’s 14 students) *Smaller sizes when following social distancing*

Modesty promise (costumes, movements, staff dressing and music choices)

2 makeup lessons per semester

Schedule siblings to take music and/or dance classes at the same time based upon availability.

Parents one-way viewing windows ALWAYS open for all recreational classes *During COVID, parents can watch via livestream as our lobby is closed*

Skill ribbons to boost confidence

State of the art professional dance flooring and tumbling mats

Comfortable parent waiting and viewing area

Teacher ratio never exceeds 1:7 (1st grade and younger)

Please check for up to date modifications to the above items


Picking a dance class for your child is like picking an ice cream flavor. There’s an overwhelming amount of options to choose from and you don’t want to miss any.

Let us help you make an informed decision by laying it all out for you, and if you’re still not sure, we welcome you to our studio where we have one-way observation windows for you to check out everything we have to offer.

(Click on the names below to learn more).

Parent & Tot

This 30-minute fun class is for children aged 2-3 along with their mom or dad. Parent & Tot is all about introducing your kid to dancing all while developing their ability to follow instructions and concentrate. The teacher guides the Parent & Tot team in a way that makes discovering movement, balance and listening skills easy and fun.


The pre-ballet class for children aged 3-4 is an introduction to one of the finest forms of dance; ballet. The primary goal of this class is to instill a love of movement in your child, helping them express their emotions and ideas with confidence. Several fun and special activities such as a ribbon or maraca dance are used to help your child communicate their feelings without holding back.


Being the foundation of several different types of dance, ballet holds an utmost importance when it comes to the world of creative expression. The ballet classes include barre and center floor work with sheer focus on turn out, discipline, balance, grace, coordination, and most importantly, confidence. Equipped with the knowledge taught in ballet, your child can use these techniques in other forms of performing arts.


Whether your child has previous tumbling experience or not, this class aims to help with all the fundamental skills. Children will learn back-bends, cartwheels, somersaults, and so much more. Flexibility, off the charts confidence and a smile on your child’s face is guaranteed!


Tap dancing is one of the best ways to teach your child the importance of time, action and discipline in life. This class is all about making music with your feet in a timely and synchronized manner. We cover all the basics such as heel drops, shuffles, time steps, and more.


This class is the ever-evolving dance form full of rhythm and syncopation. Your child will be taught isolations of the head, shoulders, ribcage, feet and arms, encouraging your child to develop their unique personal style. The class will include across the floor, barre work, while dancing to the music of today together with the classical jazz of yesterday.


This class uses sharp and precise movements to usually a fast tempo music. Poms emphasizes on uniformity, teamwork and utilization of pom-pons for maximum visual effect. In class each week, the dancers work on jumps, leaps, turns, motions and sharpness.

Hip Hop

Merging styles from funk, street jazz, pop ‘n rock, and even breakdance, this class is very similar to what you see in music videos. Your child would dance to the latest rap, hip-hop, or R&B music. The dress code in this class is different than all other classes, allowing students to wear loose clothing (jogging pants, loose shirts and tennis shoes).


A classical combination of ballet and jazz, contemporary dance is all about telling a story through movement, emotions and passion. This class will give your child a creative outlet and help them connect their mind with the body.  Contemporary uses techniques from ballet, and at the same time showcases a strong interpretation of the music selection as it does in jazz.


Our acro class will teach gymnastics moves that complement the various dance styles and facilitate better movement. More and more dance routines are displaying gymnastics and we want to give your child that creative and competitive advantage. Note Acro classes ONLY perform in the Spring Showcase so they have more time to work on skills.

Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure your child will love the programs offered at the Academy of Performing Arts, we offer a no-hassle, money back guarantee. After the first class if your child is not 100% satisfied with the class, teacher, or anything for that matter, we’ll give you your money back! This is a great way for you to try us out with no obligations.

MoneyBack Guarantee