Fine Arts Preschool Newsletter – February 2020

What a great start to the new year! Don’t forget that your child can try a dance class for free! If you would like to have your child attend a free trial dance class, please see our front desk for more information.  Registration for our dance classes will close soon.   


2020-2021 Oak Creek Preschool Open House/Registration:  Registration opens February 1st for our 2020-2021 School Year session.  Click HERE for details  If you know anyone interested in touring our Oak Creek Academic Preschool, we will be having an open house with Miss Amy and Miss Lisa on Saturday, February 29th from 1pm-2pm!  Please register for our open house by clicking HERE.  

Dental Health Visit:  Tuesday, February 11th. They will arrive at 9:30am and will give a presentation until approximately 10:00am. This is will take place at the Academy of Performing Arts in their classroom. As always, if your child does not attend school on this day, you are free to attend the presentation as long as a parent or guardian stays with your child.  

Valentine’s Day:  If your child would like to bring Valentines for their classmates for Valentine’s Day, please bring these on Tuesday, February 11th or Wednesday, February 12th. If you choose to send Valentines, please do not write individual names on each one, only write who they are from. This helps our teachers when passing out the Valentines.  This is NOT required. There are 11 students on each day. An adult/parent is required to help their student pass out the Valentine’s Day cards/treats when they arrive at the beginning of the day.    


Valentine’s Day Mailboxes: Students may decorate a mailbox (shoebox, oatmeal container, cardboard box, etc.) with stickers, crayons, markers, or whatever other art supplies you have on hand. Please be sure your child’s name is clearly written on the mailbox. Students can bring their mailboxes to school on the morning of Tuesday, February 11th or Wednesday, February 12th. 

Scholastic Book OrdersBook orders are due February 15th this month.  They have great book deals this month! Check them out and place your order at: 

Weather Closing:  APA Preschool will make our own decision if we cancel school or not for inclement weather.  If we do not cancel school and the roads are bad, your child is not obligated to come; however, the State does require a phone call to let us know your child will not be attending school that day.  We will email out our decision by 8am if we were to cancel. If you have not done so already join our Text club. Just text ACADEMY to 77948. 


Friendly Reminders:  Winter is officially here! Please make sure to bring a change of shoes on the days that it is wet outside. The salt and melted snow can ruin our Preschool floors and carpets. Please make sure to arrive at school a few minutes before our start time of 9 am.  This will allow you time to get your child’s belongings hung up. Lastly, please make sure to take them to the restroom before coming into the classroom for the day. 


“Spread the Love” APA Family and Staff Appreciation Month We are so grateful to have you and your family as a part of the APA family!   We will be celebrating our wonderful parents/guardians, staff, and students during the month of February!  Parents and students will receive special treats and we invite you to help celebrate our staff members by writing a note on a paper heart that we’ll hang in our lobby.   

*Week of February 10th:  We’re celebrating our amazing students!   Each APA student will receive a special treat in the classroom this week. 

*Week of February 17th We’re celebrating YOU, the parents!   Make sure to stop inside the studio this week and pick up your special treat.    Thank you for all you do!!! 

*Week of February 24th We’re celebrating our awesome staff!   They’ll be gifted little surprises all week.   We invite you to join in on the fun by writing a message (or two or three) on the paper hearts at the front desk.    Students and families are encouraged to send their teacher(s) a note which we display in the lobby and then the teachers get to take home as a keepsake!  


License Plate Winner:Congrats to license plate 174-HLD.  One of our staff members spotted your APA window sticker while driving!  Please contact the front desk so we know who you are and you will receive a $50 tuition credit.  To participate next month, grab a FREE window sticker at the desk! 


Referral Program:  Share us with a friend!  When a new family registers and mentions your name, you EACH will receive a $50 tuition voucher. The voucher will be mailed out after 2 months of paid enrollment and there is no limit to the number of families that you can refer! 


Happy Valentine’s Day!!! 

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