Music & Theatre Recitals

Spring 2024:
-Music Dept. Recital:
June 1st & 2nd @ Saber Center/Franklin HS
-Theatre Dept Performance: June 8th @ Saber Center/Franklin HS

Winter 2024:
-Music Dept. Recital:
December 7th & 8th @ Saber Center/Franklin HS
-Theatre Dept Performance: TBD

Academy Music Department students (Private Music Classes, Group Tiny Tunes, Group Music Jr, Group Glee Choir) have the opportunity to perform in our twice yearly Music Recitals. Recitals are not required but are highly recommended!
Our newly developed Theatre Department (Drama Jr, Drama Club, Musical Theatre Jr, Musical Theatre) also has twice-yearly performances, which evolve each semester based on what the classes are working on!

For information about any upcoming Theatre Plays/Musicals, visit this page!

Order Show Tickets:

– On Sale Ticket Dates: To be announced

– Drama & Musical Theatre Showcase &
 Elf Jr. tickets go on sale October 9th @ 9am here:

– Music Recital tickets go on sale November 14th @ 9am here:

$12 per person for drama/music (+taxes & fees)
$15 per person for Elf Jr.


Please check back soon for more info!

Our theatre department is proud to announce our spring project: MTI’s Broadway Jr. Revue- Pure Imagination. This season, students will learn interesting facts about the shows in the revue, and the roles used to create a successful show. Each Musical Theatre class will prepare and perform musical numbers that include choreography, solo work, and dialogue, while the Drama Club classes will prepare short skits or short introductions/monologues to perform in between. All students who are enrolled will be featured. The performance and dress rehearsal date will be June 8th and will take place at the Saber Center for the Performing Arts in Franklin High School.  Exact performance times will be decided closer to the recital date. We hope you join us to create this exciting show!

Contact Miss Rachel with any questions: [email protected]

Please click on the link below to quickly find your child’s recital act time, listed by teacher.  Once you click on the link, you will find our APA teachers listed (in alphabetical order by their first name) on the left.  Click on your teacher’s name to quickly see a list of their students’ act times, followed by their name and song title.

Note: If you open this link on your phone as opposed to your computer, you will NOT see a column to the left of this document to click on your teacher’s name. Just scroll down until you see your teacher’s name. 


Once you have found your child’s act time, please click on the link below to see where your child lies in the performance order. This document shows exactly what we will have listed for your child on the program. Once you click on the link, you will see the act times listed on the left.  Click on your child’s act time, to quickly see the order for that act.
Note: If you open this link on your phone as opposed to your computer, you will NOT see a column to the left of this document to click on the different recital acts.  Just scroll down until you see your specific recital act.


The Music Recital on June 1st & 2nd and the Theatre Performance on June 8th will be at:

The Saber Center of the Performing Arts, 8222 S 51st St, Franklin, WI 53132.

ARRIVAL TIME: Arrive 15 minutes before your act start time. For ex: if your act is at 1 p.m., arrive at 12:45 pm. Please do NOT arrive earlier than 15 minutes before start time, as the doors to the hall leading to our check-in room will be CLOSED up until 15 minutes before the act start time.  If you arrive earlier, your student will have to wait in the lobby with you until the hall doors open.

WHEN YOU ARRIVE: When you enter the building, follow the signs on music stands at the entrance. 15 minutes before the act start time, students should take a right (from the entrance doors) and go down the hall where you will meet a music teacher directing students to the choir room.  If the hall doors are closed when you arrive, just wait in the lobby until they open 15 min before the act start time. Please note, if your child is very young, parents please walk them to the right and drop them off with the music teacher. Students will remain in the choir room (where they can view the performance via screen or partake in activities provided by the teacher room attendant) before and after they perform. Parents should hang out in the lobby area until the auditorium doors are opened.

RECITAL DRESS CODE: Formal attire, dresses, dress pants, dress shirts, dress shoes, etc.


  • Your sheet music/lyrics IF you need them. Karaoke music for vocalists will be provided by your music teacher.

  • Students can bring bottled water (must have their first and last name on it!), and any items they want to use while they are waiting to perform. For example, a book to read, their phone, homework, coloring book and crayons (for little ones), etc.

  • NO FOOD is allowed in the dressing room

AT THE END OF EACH ACT: At the end of each act, we will do a finale where all performers come back out on stage and do one final bow together.  At this time, teachers will come out and hand out our small student gifts.  We will release students from the auditorium (we ask that 1 parent come up to the stage to get young children, and older children will walk down the stage to meet their parents), so that our hallway stays clear and doors to the hallway stay closed.

Music recital Benefits!

  • Our recitals are the perfect venue for you or your child to show family and friends the results of months of learning and practice.
  • Our recitals are organized and designed to eliminate “stage fright” and help performers build self esteem.
  • At our music recitals, students get exposed to new musical styles and instruments. The recitals help students stay motivated, encouraged and interested by seeing the progress of their peers.
  • Our recitals will provide your family with great memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Call us today and soon your whole family will be enjoying music in a whole new way.

Music Student Achievement Medals

Our music students earn achievement medals each year that they take lessons at APA.  Each color represents how many years they have been attending lessons with us.  Listed below are each of the colored levels.
Year Student – Generic Music Medal
Year Student – White Medal
Year Student – Yellow Medal 
Year Student – Orange Medal
Year Student – Green Medal
Year Student – Blue Medal
Year Student – Purple Medal
8 Year Student – Red Medal 
9 Year Student – Grey Medal 
10 Year Student – Black Medal