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Music Performances

Music Performances

Upcoming Music Recitals:
Spring 2023: June 3rd @ Saber Center/Franklin HS
Winter 2023: December 2nd
@ Saber Center/Franklin HS
Spring 2024: June 1st @ Saber Center/Franklin HS


Academy music students have the opportunity to perform in at least 2 recitals per year. Recitals are not required but highly recommended!
Recitals at the Saber Center – Franklin High School occur toward the end of each school-year session: fall and spring. Students from both the Oak Creek and Franklin locations perform together at all Academy concerts. Our music recital dates are posted by September 1st for our fall and spring performances. We will email more details closer to the recital date.

Ways to Order

On Sale Ticket Dates:
Coming Spring 2023


Come back spring 2023 for updated info! FAQ's below are from fall 2022.

Please click on the link below to quickly find your child’s recital act time, listed by teacher.  Once you click on the link, you will find our APA music teachers listed (in alphabetical order by their first name) on the left.  Click on your teacher’s name to quickly see a list of their students’ act times, followed by their name and song title.

Note: If you open this link on your phone as opposed to your computer, you will NOT see a column to the left of this document to click on your teacher’s name.  Just scroll down until you see your teacher’s name.  

LINK TO YOUR CHILD’S ACT TIME, LISTED BY TEACHER:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/18UQqqmfjGUz0dW1fVRoAFZZGGHWg_1tlzZlC08jAcx0/edit?usp=sharing

Once you have found your child’s act time, please click on the link below to see where your child lies in the performance order. This document shows exactly what we will have listed for your child on the program. Once you click on the link, you will see the act times listed on the left.  Click on your child’s act time, to quickly see the order for that act.
Note: If you open this link on your phone as opposed to your computer, you will NOT see a column to the left of this document to click on the different recital acts.  Just scroll down until you see your specific recital act.

LINK TO THE PERFORMANCE ORDER: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1865jtjwadqjgbGnnQPkQyi4r-MPsXY-11SP89CnKxqw/edit?usp=sharing

This is a ticketed event, and tickets go on sale Monday, Nov. 14th at 2pm.  Purchase tickets by clicking HERE.

***This link will say that “Ticket sales will begin on November 7, at 2:00 PM (CT)”, however that is for our dance recital only. 

Tickets are $10 per person for anyone who occupies a seat.  Children small enough to sit on a parent’s lap do not need to purchase a ticket.

Our winter music recital for 2022 will be held at a NEW LOCATION:  The Saber Center of the Performing Arts, 8222 S 51st St, Franklin, WI 53132.

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your act start time.  For ex: if your act is at 1 pm, arrive at 12:45 pm

  • When you enter the building, there will be teachers waiting to gather all of the music students to walk them back to the dressing room, where all performers will be before and after they perform.  

  • Recital Dress Code: formal attire, feel free to wear holiday flair!

  • When it nears the time for you to perform, a teacher will line you up, and walk you backstage.  

  • When you walk out on the stage, go near the microphone closest to your height, and speak loud and clear, saying your name, and the name of your song.

  • After your introduction, you will perform your song.  When you are done, grab your music if you have any,  take a bow, and head backstage where a teacher will be waiting to take you back to the dressing room until the recital is done.  

  • When the recital act is over, the dressing room attendant will let you know to grab anything you brought, and they will walk you back out to meet your parents in the hall.  


    • Your sheet music/lyrics IF you need them. Karaoke music for vocalists will be provided by your music teacher. 

    • Students can bring bottled water (must have their first and last name on it!), and any items they want to use while they are waiting to perform.  For example, a book to read, their phone, homework, coloring book and crayons (for little ones), etc. 

    • Parents and students NEED to make sure ALL items are taken from the dressing room BEFORE they leave the recital.  NO FOOD is allowed in the dressing room.  

  • Please note that this will be a bigger stage than you may be used to if you have performed before at our recitals at the Oak Creek Salvation Army.  
  • Be prepared if the sound isn’t quite what you expect it to be.  For example, if the music starts too low, we will adjust it so you can hear it better.  Sometimes what you hear isn’t exactly what the audience hears, so please know that we will help you and make adjustments if needed.  
  • Vocalists and all students when you speak or sing into the mic: please make sure your mouth is close enough (but not touching!) the mic when you perform so that the audience can hear you.

Music recital Benefits!

  • Our recitals are the perfect venue for you or your child to show family and friends the results of months of learning and practice.
  • Our recitals are organized and designed to eliminate “stage fright” and help performers build self esteem.
  • At our music recitals, students get exposed to new musical styles and instruments. The recitals help students stay motivated, encouraged and interested by seeing the progress of their peers.
  • Our recitals will provide your family with great memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Call us today and soon your whole family will be enjoying music in a whole new way.

Music Student Achievement Medals

Our music students earn achievement medals each year that they take lessons at APA.  Each color represents how many years they have been attending lessons with us.  Listed below are each of the colored levels.
Year Student – Generic Music Medal
Year Student – White Medal
Year Student – Yellow Medal 
Year Student – Orange Medal
Year Student – Green Medal
Year Student – Blue Medal
Year Student – Purple Medal
8 Year Student – Red Medal 
9 Year Student – Grey Medal 
10 Year Student – Black Medal
Girl singing for music recital at APA