Music Performances

Upcoming Academy Recitals:

Winter 2022: Dec. 4th @ Saber Center – Franklin High School
Spring 2023: June 3rd @ Saber Center – Franklin High School

Girl taking private piano lesson at APA

Academy music students have the opportunity to perform in at least 2 recitals per year. Recitals are not required but highly recommended! Recitals at the Oak Creek Salvation Army occur toward the end of each school-year session: fall and spring. Students from both the Oak Creek and Franklin locations perform together at all Academy concerts. Our music recital dates are posted by September 1st for our fall and spring performances. We will email more details closer to the recital date.



  • Our recitals are the perfect venue for you or your child to show family and friends the results of months of learning and practice.
  • Our recitals are organized and designed to eliminate “stage fright” and help performers build self esteem.
  • At our music recitals, students get exposed to new musical styles and instruments. The recitals help students stay motivated, encouraged and interested by seeing the progress of their peers.
  • Our recitals will provide your family with great memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Call us today and soon your whole family will be enjoying music in a whole new way.

Music Student Achievement Medals

Our music students earn achievement medals each year that they take lessons at APA.  Each color represents how many years they have been attending lessons with us.  Listed below are each of the colored levels.
Year Student – Generic Music Medal
Year Student – White Medal
Year Student – Yellow Medal 
Year Student – Orange Medal
Year Student – Green Medal
Year Student – Blue Medal
Year Student – Purple Medal
8 Year Student – Red Medal 
9 Year Student – Grey Medal 
10 Year Student – Black Medal
Girl singing for music recital at APA