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Preschool – Registration

Want your child’s roots to be sound and strong?

No better place than APA‘s Preschool!

APA’s Fine Arts Preschool has unfortunately decided to cancel our academic program for the 2020-2021 school year because of all the unknowns of COVID-19.  Our Academic Preschool operates differently than our music and dance classes because students are there for a longer period of time while alternating classrooms and deal with more hands-on projects.
Even though our local school district will try operating in person in September, we feel IF they had to shut-down and offer virtual classes, this is something we would not be able to offer our younger aged preschool students.  We also think for this age group it would be hard to start a program and alternate between having in-person school and shutting down when needed due to illness.
Please feel free to check back in February to see the status of our Academic Preschool.