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Thank You!

Hello and Welcome to The Academy of Performing Arts!

Thank you for choosing The Academy of Performing Arts (APA) for your child's instruction in the arts!

APA has built a reputation for excellence in the instruction of the arts and involvement in the community.  We trust that your son/daughter will have a wonderful experience in our positive classrooms.

SCHOOL YEAR: If you have registered for our school year session, September-June, you will be charged the $25 registration fee per student today (maximum of $40 per family) on the account you provided us. September’s tuition will be charged on June 15th or if you register after June 15th, you will be charged immediately. If you are joining mid-month, we will prorate you for this month.

Our classes always start the Tuesday AFTER Labor Day!

SUMMER: For all summer session registrations, you will be immediately charged the full 6 week session payment. If you have any additional questions, you may reply to this email or contact us at our office by phone, Oak Creek: (414) 768-0101, Franklin: (414) 427-1212.

Our classes always start the Monday AFTER 4th of July.



Miss Alyssa, Bre, Cara & Trisha are the friendly faces of the front desk.
They are happy to help with any questions you may have while you are here at the studio.  
Our general email is:  [email protected] 

Miss Jenni is our Office Manager
Miss Tiffany is the Music Director
Miss Sarah is the Dance Director
Miss Jamie is our General Manager


Members Only:  On our website we have a “members only” section. Here you will be able to view your transaction history, enrollment, contacts, etc. If you have a question about your auto-pay account, please check your account first before you call.  If you do not know your password, our system will email you a temporary password.

Calendar:  We hand out the Academy Calendar in September and a copy is included in your confirmation email. If you did not receive one, we keep extra copies in our lobby.

Extreme Weather/Snow Days: 
 APA will make an executive decision by 3pm weekdays, 8am Saturdays, if the studio will remain open during inclement weather. We will list our closing on FOX 6 News, our Facebook page, voice message and we’ll also send out an email if we are closed.

Automatic Withdrawal Details:  All tuition payments are charged to the credit card or bank account you put on file with us. Charges will happen on the 15th of every month to pre-pay for the upcoming month. Your first month’s tuition is required to hold your spot and our auto-pay will start on September 15th to pre-pay for October’s tuition.

Withdrawal policy:  Remember, if you need to drop a class, we need to know before the 15th of the month to stop the automatic withdrawals for group classes and/or private lessons; you can do this by filling out our form at the front desk. If you are unhappy with the class you are in, please remember it may not be too late to switch the style of class you are enrolled in – we want to make sure your child is happy and enjoying his/her class! All of our policies and procedures are posted in the lobby.

MUSIC Recital:
  We host 2 optional performances, held at the Oak Creek Salvation Army, for all our music students in December and May. Detailed information will be provided in our monthly newsletters. Recitals are free to students who participate and there are no spectator fees! All music students will receive a makeup/drop policy form – if you did not receive one, please see the desk!

DANCE Showcase:  All dancers are invited to participate in our optional Winter Showcase in December and Spring Showcase in June, plus every participating family will receive a FREE recording of the Spring Showcase! Detailed information will be provided in our monthly newsletters. Please see the front desk for more information on how many dances per showcase all of our Combo Classes will do (this includes Ballet/Tap Combos for 1st Grade and Under). All regular dance classes will only participate in one show per showcase and will use the same costume for Winter and Spring. Costumes will be charged on September 26th with your automatic withdrawal tuition payment. If you register after September 26th, please talk to the front desk. Costume Fees: Grades 1st and Under: $65, Grades 2-5th: $73, Grades 4th and Up + Leveled Classes: $78 (prices do not include tax). Competitive Team Costumes are more. None of our costumes are custom fit, alterations would be at your expense.

DANCE Class Attendance and Tardiness: The studio reserves the right to have students who come late sit out and watch – warm-up is done right at the beginning and if dancers are not properly warmed up and stretched, they can severely hurt themselves.

We strive to make sure that our students are getting the most they can out of their classes, and your feedback is very important to us. It helps us keep doing what we are doing right and improve where we need to – we especially want to emphasize this to our returning students.
If you need any assistance, or have any questions, please call us. Thank you again. We’re so glad you are here! 

Dance Dress Code

To look like a dancer, encourages one to conduct oneself like a dancer.

Please make sure your child is wearing dance attire in class. Our studio sells all required dancewear, but you may purchase attire from any dancewear store as well! Student’s must have the shoes listed below by the date posted in our lobby.

Grades 1st and Younger:  

Ballet & Ballet/Tap Combos: Leotard, tights, pink leather ballet shoes, skirt or shorts over are optional, tan tap shoes if applicable

Tumbling/Acro Classes:  Leotard, no skirts, no tights, bare feet

Hip Hop: Any gym clothes that you are able to move around in, APA required shoes (required shoes for school year session only, clean tennis shoes are acceptable for summer)  *Pre-Hip Hop Students – please provide your own clean, white, low top tennis shoes for class and recitals*

Poms:  leotard, jazz pants (similar to yoga pants) or fitted shorts, tan jazz shoes

Grades 2nd and Older:

Ballet, Jazz, Poms:  Leotard, jazz pants (similar to yoga pants) or fitted shorts, pink ballet shoes or tan jazz shoes as applicable

Tap, Hip Hop: Any gym/athletic clothes that you are able to move around in (pants must be off dancers’ feet for tap), and tan tap shoes or APA required hip hop shoes (required shoes for school year session only, clean tennis shoes are acceptable for summer)

Contemporary/Lyrical: Leotard, jazz pants/fitted shorts – Students Grades 2nd-5th need ballet shoes and 5th-older need half-sole ballet shoe

Ballet, Jazz, and Contemporary Combo Classes:  Leotard, jazz pants/fitted shorts – Please ask the front desk for shoe req.

Do not wear your dance shoes outside, please change them before and after class. Hair must be up and out of your face and jewelry removed if distracting. No cell phones! Teens may want to wear sports bras under their leotard, no regular bras please. Dance Costumes are not appropriate dance attire for class! Please no midriff baring clothing.  No gum, food or drinks are allowed in the studio room. Dancers may store their belongings in the cubbies inside the studio at their own risk. APA and its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Please leave valuables at home. 


Dance FAQ's

  • You can store your belongings inside the classrooms in our cubbies.  
  • Make sure to bring a bottle of water and use the bathroom before class as we  do not take bathroom/drink breaks.  If a student needs to use the restroom  during class, they should tell their teacher.  
  • Parents of students that are 1st grade and younger are asked to stay on the  property, especially if your child is not potty trained.  Parents are more than  welcome to stay and watch classes through our observation windows, but are not required for Grades 2nd and up!
  • Dance shoes should only be worn inside the classroom.  Please do not let your dancer wear these outside.
  • If your dancer needs to change into their dress code before class, please use  our restrooms.  
  • If you miss a group dance class, feel free to attend any open GROUP class we  offer for your age group for a make-up. This is not required.
  • If your child is sick for a group class, you do not need to call in to let us know unless their absence means they will have been gone 2 or more consecutive  weeks. This policy does not apply to our Competitive Teams.
  • Our dress code is listed on page 2 of our welcome letter. We sell all dancewear items; however, you do not have to purchase directly through us. If you  purchase shoes elsewhere, they must be approved by your teacher before use in class.
  • We have teacher biographies available in a binder in our lobby, we also have  class assistants for Grades 1st & Under if there are more than 5 students  inside of the classroom. Our class assistants are members of our Competitive Teams.
  • If your child does not like the class they registered for, feel free to try another group class or style to see if it is a better fit for your child.  
  • Our Academy also offers Competitive Teams with auditions held in May for  the following year.  If your student is interested, please email our Team  Coordinator Trisha at [email protected] for details.

Music FAQ's

  • Every student is required to bring their own instrument to every lesson except for piano and voice students.
  • Guitar Rentals: Teachers recommend that clients purchase/rent a guitar.   Younger students would want a youth guitar.  Family Music or Lincoln Music would be a good option.
  • Violin Rentals: Teachers recommend that clients rent a violin rather than  purchase one if their student is young. Children can grow out of instruments  quickly and rentals can be traded in for larger sizes. We recommend checking out Korinthian Violins in Bay View, Family Music or Lincoln Music.  The  student must be present to be sized.
  • Students are required to bring their books to every lesson; APA sells books to students.
  • Practice Time: Talk to your child’s specific teacher to find out exactly how  often to practice and what to practice.  Most teachers recommend practicing  every day.
  • Parents are recommended to attend lessons with their student if they are  younger than 6 years old. That said, it is not always necessary to attend every  lesson.  Please ask your child’s specific teacher to find out if they would like  you to attend every lesson.
  • Students’ success is dependent on parent involvement, especially for young  students.  It is very helpful when students are monitored by their parents  when practicing. Talk to your child’s specific teacher about how to practice.


APA sends a monthly newsletter via email to inform you of major studio dates and  events.  Our main form of communication is email.  If you are not receiving the  newsletter, please check your spam box or contact the studio –  we also post them on our website.

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It is the responsibility of parents or adult students to inform the school of any  address, telephone or e-mail address changes.