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The 2024-2025 Session | September 3rd – June 9th
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Musical Theatre (Ages 11-16)

Combining acting and music elements with a touch of choreography, students will learn and sing show tunes, help create choreography,  & make new friends! Students will learn a variety of warmups, games, and explore scenes and songs from the different eras of Musical Theater.  This class will perform at recitals and APA events throughout the year.

Drama Club (Ages 11-18)

Is an actor’s life for you? In this club, students will learn the basics of stage performance, and certain technical aspects of theatre. Every class will include theatre games, exercises, and scene work/monologues to sharpen their growing skills. In addition to the basics, this class will also have fun studies on improvisation, acting methods, character development, set design, stage makeup, and musical theatre. This class will perform at recitals in Fall and Spring.

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Tiny Tunes (Ages 3-5):

Welcome to Tiny Tunes, where musical magic begins for our youngest singers aged 3-5! In this engaging and interactive class, your little one will embark on a musical adventure filled with laughter, learning, and lots of fun. Through playful activities, catchy songs, and imaginative play, we’ll explore the world of music together, building confidence, creativity, and a lifelong love for singing. Join us as we sing, dance, and discover the joy of making music in a supportive and nurturing environment tailored just for our tiny tunesters!

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  • Session I:  Sept. 9-Oct. 19 – Rainbow Rhythms:
    Exploring songs about colors of the rainbow, and engaging in colorful musical games.
  • Session II:  Oct. 21-Dec. 7 – Enchanted Forest Expedition:
    Singing songs about nature and woodland creatures, and going on imaginary forest adventures through music. *(no classes Nov. 26-30)

  • Session III:  Jan. 6-Feb. 15 – Winter Wonderland:
    Singing songs about snowflakes, snowmen, and hot cocoa, while participating in winter-themed activities.
  • Session IV:  Feb. 17- April 5 – Animal Adventures:
    Singing songs about different animals, with activities related to animal sounds and movements. *(no classes March 24-30)
  • Session V:  April 7- May 17 – Musical Storytime:
    Singing songs inspired by classic children’s stories, followed by storytelling sessions and related activities.

Drama Jr (Ages: 6-10)

In this exciting and interactive class, young actors will embark on a journey of creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Through a variety of fun games, improvisation exercises, and scene work, children will learn the fundamentals of acting while building confidence, communication skills, and teamwork. Whether they dream of being on stage or simply love to play pretend, this class offers a safe and supportive environment for children to explore the magic of acting and unleash their inner performer!

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  • Session I: Sept 9- Oct. 19 – Adventure Awaits!:
    Join us for an action-packed theatre adventure where young actors aged 6-9 will journey through exciting stories filled with daring heroes, magical quests, and epic battles against villains.
  • Session II: Oct 21- Dec.7 – Fairy Tale Frenzy:
    Step into the enchanted world of fairy tales as we bring classic stories to life on stage, with magical creatures, brave knights, and happily ever afters. *(no classes Nov. 26-30)
  • Session III: Jan 6- Feb.15 – Space Explorers:
    Blast off into outer space for an intergalactic theatre experience, where young actors will travel to distant planets, encounter friendly aliens, and embark on cosmic adventures.
  • Session IV: Feb. 17- April 5  – Magical Workshop:
    Embark on a magical journey where young actors learn stage magic, from mesmerizing tricks to captivating performances. Through interactive activities, they’ll uncover secrets and develop their own magical skills. *(no classes March 24-30)
  • Session V: April 7- May 17 – Pirate Plunder:
    Ahoy, mateys! Join our crew of swashbuckling pirates as we set sail on the high seas, searching for buried treasure and battling rival buccaneers in this theatrical voyage.

Musical Theatre Jr (Ages: 6-9 and 9-11)

Combining acting and music elements with a touch of choreography, students will learn and sing show tunes, learn choreography, & make new friends! Students will learn a variety of warmups, games, and explore scenes and songs from the different eras of Musical Theater.

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  • Session I: Sept 9- Oct. 19 – Disney Delights:
    Experience the magic of Disney in this musical theatre class filled with songs from your favorite Disney movies! Kids in this class will sing and dance to beloved tunes from classics like “The Little Mermaid,” “Aladdin,” and “Frozen.”
  • Session II: Oct 21- Dec.7 – Broadway Classics Revue:
    Take a trip down Broadway in this musical theatre class celebrating the timeless classics of the stage! Kids will sing iconic songs from beloved musicals like “The Sound of Music,” “Cinderella,” and “Annie” *(no classes Nov. 26-30)
  • Session III: Jan 6- Feb.15 – Wickedly Wonderful:
    Explore the untold story of the Wicked Witch of the West in this exciting musical theatre class! This class will sing songs from the hit Broadway show “Wicked” and bring the magical land of Oz to life through acting and dance.
  • Session IV: Feb. 17- April 5 – Fairy Tale Frenzy:
    Enter a world of enchantment and adventure in this fairy tale-themed musical theatre class! Kids will sing songs of princes and princesses, dragons and witches, and embark on magical journeys to far-off lands. *(no classes March 24-30)
  • Session V: April 7- May 17 – Musical Movie Madness:
    Lights, camera, action! Join us for a musical theatre class celebrating the best of musical movies. This class will sing and dance to songs from popular films like “The Greatest Showman,” “Grease,” and “Mamma Mia!”

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  • Our 2024-2025 School Year Session starts September 3rd-June 9th.
  • Registration is open for students to participate in our Winter Showcase until October 15th. Registration will open again December 1st-February 15th for students to perform in our Spring Showcase.
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