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The Academy of Performing Arts takes great pride in catering to kids from age 2 up to 18 with our dance programs.

APA hip hop dance class students


Picture of parents with their children at APA dance class

Parent & Tot Dance Lessons at APA

This FUN 30-minute class is for children aged 2-3, along with their mom or dad! Parent & Tot is all about introducing your kid to dancing, while developing their ability to follow instructions and concentrate. The teacher guides the Parent & Tot team in a way that makes discovering movement, balance and listening skills easy and fun.

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Picture of an APA pre-ballet dance lesson

Pre-Ballet Dance Lessons at APA

Pre-ballet classes are for children aged 3-4 and are an introduction to one of the finest forms of dance; ballet! The primary goal of this class is to instill a love of movement in your child, helping them express their emotions and ideas with confidence. Several fun and special activities such as a ribbon or maraca dance are used to help your child communicate their feelings without holding back!

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Picture of an APA ballet dance lesson

Ballet Dance Lessons at APA

Being the foundation of several different types of dance, ballet holds the utmost importance when it comes to the world of creative expression! The ballet classes include barre and center floor work with sheer focus on "turn out", discipline, balance, grace, coordination, and most importantly, confidence. Equipped with the knowledge taught in ballet, your child can use these techniques in other forms of performing arts.

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Picture of an APA tap dance lesson

Tap Dance Lessons at APA

Tap dancing is one of the best ways to teach your child the importance of time, action and discipline in life! This class is all about making music with your feet in a timely and synchronized manner. We cover all the basics such as heel drops, shuffles, time steps, and more!

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Picture of an APA jazz dance class

Jazz Dance Lessons at APA

Jazz is an ever-evolving dance form, full of rhythm and syncopation! In Jazz class, your child will be taught isolations of the head, shoulders, ribcage, feet, and arms, encouraging them to develop their unique personal style. The class will include across-the-floor barre work, while dancing to the music of today, along with the classical jazz of yesterday!

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Picture of an APA poms dance class

Poms Dance Lessons at APA

This class teaches sharp and precise movements to (usually) fast tempo music. Poms emphasizes uniformity, teamwork and utilization of pom-poms for maximum visual effect. In class each week, the dancers work on jumps, leaps, turns, motions and sharpness!

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Picture of an APA hip hop dance class

Hip Hop Dance Lessons at APA

Merging styles from funk, street jazz, pop ‘n rock, and even breakdance, this class is very similar to what you see in music videos! Your child would dance to the latest rap, hip-hop, or R&B music. The dress code in this class is uniquely different from other classes, allowing students to wear looser clothing, appropriate to the style (jogging pants, loose shirts and tennis shoes)!

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Picture of an APA contemporary dance competition

Contemporary Dance Lessons at APA

A classical combination of ballet and jazz, contemporary dance is all about telling a story through movement, emotions and passion. This class will give your child a creative outlet and help them connect their mind with the body. Contemporary uses techniques from ballet, and at the same time showcases a strong interpretation of the music selection as it does in jazz.

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Picture of an APA acro lesson

Acro Lessons at APA

Our acro class will teach gymnastics moves that complement the various dance styles and facilitate better movement. More and more dance routines are displaying gymnastics and we want to give your child that creative and competitive advantage. Note Acro classes ONLY perform in the Spring Showcase so they have more time to work on skills.

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Why Choose APA


We are so sure your child will love the lessons offered at APA, we offer a no-hassle, money back guarantee. After the first lesson, if your child is not 100% satisfied with the lesson, teacher, or anything for that matter, we’ll give you your money back! This is a great way for you to try us out with no obligations.