About Music & Theater Classes

Our teachers assess your child to determine what level they are at, or if they are developmentally ready to begin lessons or not in the case of private lessons. Generally, students aged 5 and above are suitable for a private music lesson, but there may be exceptions depending on your child’s aptitude.
For group classes, age is usually indicated for a class, unless there is previous experience.

APA music student holding violin

Music & Theater at APA: Performing Arts education with an emphasis on fun!

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Private Voice Lessons at APA
Private voice lessons include learning a variety of helpful vocal warmups, typically at the start of each lesson, to prepare the student’s voice for singing and performing in a healthy way.  Students will learn all about proper singing posture, healthy singing technique, basic music theory, and the skills, tips, and tricks, to be a confident and expressive performer.  Students and teachers work together selecting age-appropriate, fun songs for use in lessons, and for live performances.  Students work on honing their vocal, aural, and sight-singing skills, while learning and preparing multiple songs in different styles in a safe and fun environment.  Expression, creativity, and fun are highly encouraged!

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Private Piano Lessons at APA
Beginner piano students start with learning the very basics of piano, like note identification, simple rhythms, and keyboard geography.  Students will develop their playing skills through fun songs learned in weekly lessons.  Studies will include learning the fundamental skills needed by any successful musician, such as good technique, sight reading, expressive playing, theory, and creativity.  Individualized learning plans are based on each student’s specific needs, goals, and playing level. 

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Private Guitar Lessons at APA
For most students, it is best to wait until at least age 7 to begin guitar lessons.  Beginner students will learn the layout of the instrument, including the notes on the strings.  Students will understand how to properly hold the guitar, pick, and proper strumming and fretting of chords.  Lessons will incorporate building technical skills, music theory, note reading, and repertoire.  Students will learn to play songs they enjoy, while building a solid foundation for successful performing.

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Private Violin Lessons at APA
Private violin lessons incorporate technique, theory, and performance while learning to play multiple pieces.  Students learn all about proper/healthy playing posture, intonation, different bowing techniques and proper finger placement, arm movement, and learning to read and understand music notation.  Students will understand how to make their sheet music “come alive” with the expression and playing skills necessary for every accomplished violinist.  Creativity and confidence are emphasized in a safe learning environment.

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Our GLEE students are getting in the spirit

Glee at APA
In this group music class, students will learn to sing and perform together with simple choreography.  Students will choose two songs per semester to perform at APA’s music recitals.  Each week students will work on basic singing techniques, while learning performance skills that will help them build the necessary confidence needed to perform together for a live audience.  Throughout the year, students will gain team-building and leadership skills, while making fun, social connections.

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Drama Club at APA
Is an actor’s life for you? In this club, your child will learn the basics of stage performance, and certain technical aspects of theatre. Every class will include games, exercises, and scene work/monologues to sharpen their growing skills. In addition to the basics, this class will also have fun studies on improvisation, acting methods, character development, set design, stage makeup, and musical theatre. This class will perform at recitals and APA events throughout the year.
In Drama Jr, Young actors will gain confidence in their budding abilities and self-expression while taking an in-depth look at acting. Performers will play acting games, improv activities, and perform group scenes. With recitals in winter and spring.

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Tiny Tunes at APA
Young performers will sharpen their counting, coordination, & social skills in this NEW class! We will focus on learning musical concepts and vocal exploration through warmups, familiar songs, rhymes, & games. With recitals in winter and spring.

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Music Jr at APA
Young singers will gain confidence in their voices and musical abilities. Your singer can look forward to fun warmups and games, as well as learning music concepts and songs from a variety of musical genres. With recitals in winter and spring.

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Musical Theater at APA
Combining acting and music elements with a touch of choreography, students will sing show tunes and make new friends! Students will learn a variety of warmups, games, and explore scenes and songs from the different eras of musical theater. With recitals in winter and spring.

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Other Information:

Required Supplies for Private Lessons:

All piano students are required to have a piano or keyboard at home for practice. All guitar and violin students must bring their instruments to every lesson. All students must bring any required method books or sheet music to their weekly lesson. Your music teacher will let you know which books or sheet music to purchase.

APA Music Recitals:

All music & theater students will have the opportunity to perform in our family-friendly music recitals twice per year, to share their music with family and friends!

Why Choose APA

Unique Approach

At APA, we believe that each child is unique and we need to bring out the best in them. Keeping that in mind, our teachers develop a personalized lesson plan for each student. The music teachers have university degrees in music and extensive background in performance. They are trained not just in music but to connect with the students on a deeper level, enhancing their ability to perform better.


We are so sure your child will love the lessons offered at APA, we offer a no-hassle, money back guarantee. After the first lesson, if your child is not 100% satisfied with the lesson, teacher, or anything for that matter, we’ll give you your money back! This is a great way for you to try us out with no obligations.