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Spring Dance Performances

Spring Showcase 2020 

Due to COVID-19 we will be adjusting our Spring Showcase to fit with government mandates and orders.  This page will NOT be updated.  Please make sure to refer to for all up to date information and timelines.

Our student’s favorite part of the year is our annual performances and every year we have over 95% of our students perform.  We put on a professional performance in December and June.  We make these optional performances and give you all the information upfront so you can make the choice of putting your son or daughter in the performances.

Dates & Times: Due to COVID-19 we will be rescheduling our showcase to the beginning of August 2020.   Dates and times TBD.   We will try to schedule weeknight shows during the week if possible.


SIBLINGS IN DIFFERENT SHOWCASE TIMES: We spend hours creating our spring showcase performance order and unfortunately we cannot get all siblings in the same showcase. We understand this is an inconvenience, but having multiple shows allows us to present much shorter shows plus helps us avoid sold out shows to allow more family members to attend.  We try to give priority to the families that register before 6/15. If your students are NOT scheduled in the same showcase, please email us at [email protected] with your student’s names. We will put a credit in your account for the 5/15 tuition payment for the 4 tickets (increased from 2 tickets last year). Because of South Milwaukee’s online ticket sales, we do not have capability to give free tickets on their site. You will still need to purchase these tickets on your own through South Milwaukee PAC.

Costumes/Music Selection: Our teachers select the music and costumes for each class. For our Spring show, Once the teachers have selected their music and costumes, they must be approved by the studio director to assure they are age appropriate. Spring costumes are the same as our winter costumes. Please click on the links below to view.


Costume Pictures: Please know your students class # before viewing costumes. Class #’s can be found in our show time index above.

Oak Creek Recreational Class Costumes

Franklin Recreational Class Costumes


Costume Measuring: To save the students and parents time, we measure the students during one of their first classes of the school year. If a dancer is absent, we make it our responsibility to make sure they are measured the next time they come in the studio. If you sign up after we have already measured, we will measure your child separately. We order the costumes with extra room for growth.


Costume Fee (includes a pair of free tights and hairpiece, worn at winter & spring show):
Gr. 1st & younger $65/class (Plus Tax)
Gr. 2nd-5th (specialty classes) $73/class (Plus Tax)
Gr. 4th & up (leveled classes) $78/class (Plus Tax)

**Costumes are ordered in Fall and worn for both the Fall and Spring Showcases**


Costume Payments: Everyone is charged on September 26th for their costume. If you are new and have registered after this date, you have one week from your first class to decide without paying a shipping fee. Please keep in mind the faster you order your costume, the sooner it will be here. If you drop out of your class, after the costumes have been ordered, there are no refunds. We will call you when your costume is in and able to be picked up. You have up to 15 days after our Showcase to pick it up. We do not hold on to these costumes and they will be given to Goodwill.

Matching shoes are required for each dance. You will receive your free pair of tights and hairpiece with your costume. Every class has a different costume. For each class your dancer participates in, they will owe the amount above per costume. For all Ages 3-4 and Grades K-1st Ballet/Tap Class – They will perform 2 numbers in the same show wearing the same costume! Please ask our front desk if you want to know if certain combo classes share the same costume.


Showcase Required Shoes:  *all shoes must be purchased from APA or approved to wear by the teacher
* Grades 2nd-8th Combo classes, please ask your teacher.
Ballet – Leather Pink Ballet Slippers (Target does not sell these!)
Jazz & Poms– Tan Jazz Shoes
Hip Hop – Sliver sparkly tennis shoes purchased at The Academy! Boys: purchase any type of black tennis shoes.
Tap – Tan Tap shoes
Contemporary – ask teacher (foot thongs, barefoot or jazz shoes)


Showcase Performance Hair: 

All Recreational Classes – High, curled ponytail

Team Students – Required team hair.   Check your newsletter or check with your team coach if you are unsure what the required style is.   Video tutorials are available on the team page.

Make-Up: This is optional for students enrolled in recreational classes. If you feel comfortable having your student wear make-up on stage, please have them wear some. With the bright lighting on stage, students can often look washed so a little lipstick, blush and eye shadow will help with this and bring out their adorable expressions!  We understand if you do not want your younger student to wear this.

Competitive Team Students – are required to wear their performance make-up on stage


Costume Delivery: Costumes will be handed out in class as they arrive. It is imperative that students attend all classes in order to make sure they are there when the costumes are delivered.


Photos: TBD



Q1. Does my dancer have to drop out of class if he/she chooses not to be in either recitals?

A1. Absolutely Not! We will still have regular classes and only work on our dance at the end of class. Your dancer will still learn the dance and perfect it just like the other dancers. We have students that have weddings or other events that day and cannot attend our showcase, but love learning the dance and taking class.


Q2. What if I can’t afford to bring my entire family to the performance?

A2. We understand this can get expensive if you want to bring your entire family, please note our Spring dress rehearsal is a full dress rehearsal with costumes, hair, makeup, etc. Feel free to bring your family to our FREE dress rehearsal to watch your dancer’s performance. Each class has a 10 minute spot on stage where they will do their performance at least 2 times full out.