10 Activities to Keep Kids Busy over Spring Break!

Spring break has long been known as a week of family fun in a new destination or a classic staycation with the ones we love.

Taking time to step away from our daily lives to relax and make memories together is what Spring break is all about! 

Whether your family is flying to warmer weather, taking a road trip, or spending time in your own backyard, these 10 activities are sure to help you keep the kiddos entertained and create some family memories for years to come! 

365 Day Family Project

A great activity that can be done each year during Spring break! Families select one project to complete each day for one whole YEAR! These projects can be anything from taking a photo-a-day, learning a new word, or spending time as a family creating a gratitude jar and adding one thing you are each grateful for every day. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Family Book Club

This activity can be done with all ages and is a great way to engage together each week! Select one book as a family, how many chapters or pages you will read each week, then select a time when everyone is home together to discuss! Not only are you all spending time together, but your kiddos are getting in some extra reading time over break!

Create a Dance or Music Scrapbook 

We all have pictures saved on our phones and social media platforms, but there is nothing like taking an afternoon together, printing those pictures, and creating a colorful scrapbook that your kids can cherish for years to come! Head to your local craft store for supplies (cardstock, pattern paper, adhesives, pens, scissors, and an album) or you can purchase a scrapbook kit with everything you need. Select your favorite photos from dance showcases, music recitals, and competition weekends! Decorate to your liking and create a keepsake that will last forever.

Spring Cleaning Challenge! 

It’s a cliche for a reason and also the BEST time to give your home a good deep clean! Have your kids help by creating a 7-Day Cleaning Challenge! Each day set one NEW challenge for your kiddos to complete! This could be cleaning the floor of their bedroom, organizing their dressers, sanitizing high touchpoints, or decluttering the items they don’t use anymore. We have designed a FREE PRINTABLE to help organize your cleaning challenge!

Homemade Pizza Party 

Nothing brings a family together like cooking in the kitchen. Homemade Pizza is simple to make and FUN for kids to help use their creativity and make something delicious! Find your favorite pizza dough recipe, gather all ingredients and spend quality time together over a homemade family meal.

Take a “Vacation” at Home

Transform your home into the PERFECT staycation! And we’re not just talking about spending time relaxing the day away, but creating your family’s FAVORITE destination! Maybe you’ve always dreamed of traveling to Yosemite National Park, heading overseas to a distant land or Disney World is your family’s happy place, create that experience AT HOME! Make a list of your favorite spots you have dreamed to visit or ones that you always do, watch movies that take you to those places, cook recipes from that region, and learn about what makes each travel destination so AMAZING!

Make a Time Capsule 

A time-honored tradition that most students experience in school and now can have the same FUN at home! A time capsule can be made from simple supplies, placed in any space that won’t be disturbed, and contains moments that will take us back to a moment in time, never to be forgotten. Have each family member select one or two items to place inside your capsule, find a space in your basement, garage, or backyard to keep the capsule, and decide how long till you open it! One year, two… 10 years! The choice is up to you! 

Game Night Throwback! 

Not just your average game night! Parents here is your chance to relive your favorite childhood memories and pass on your favorite games to the next generation! Select the games that you LOVED to play as a kid. Classics that you want to share and create new memories that will continue for years to come. 

Get Creative with Cardboard Boxes 

We all have them… those online shopping boxes that somehow accumulate quicker than ever before. Why not use them and create hours of fun for your littles? Encourage kiddos to use their imaginations! Maybe they wish to design a rocket ship, princess castle, or secret hideout! The possibilities are endless.

The PERFECT outdoor Spring project! With the weather starting to warm up, kids are excited to be outdoors and get creative with their hands! Tie-Dye is a fun way to create something unique for each child and only requires a few basic supplies! You can even purchase a tie-dye kit to make this project even easier! White t-shirts, rubber bands, multiple color dyes, and a bucket are all that’s required for a great afternoon of fun in the springtime sun! 

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