10 Ways to spend Spring break when Spring still feels like Winter

The weather may not feel like spring yet, but Spring break has finally arrived and it’s time to relax and enjoy some quality time with our kiddos! We’ve got all the tips and tricks you need for an incredible time with your family, no matter what this spring season looks like. In this post we’ll share 10 creative ideas on how you can spend your Spring Break when Spring still feels like Winter. So read on for some fun and exciting ideas on how to make the best out of your spring vacation!

Starter Grow Kit: With spring just around the corner, this is a great time to prep your houseplants and garden beds. Put together an indoor starter grow kit with soil, seeds, plastic containers (or egg cartons), and markers. Once you have everything ready, let your kiddos pick out what they want to plant and get started! This activity will also help teach them responsibility as they will need to water their plants regularly in order to keep them growing healthy and strong.

Indoor Picnic: Who says picnics are only for warm days in the park? Bring all the fun of a picnic indoors with an indoor picnic lunch! Let each family member create their own sandwich or wrap using whatever ingredients they like best. Then spread out a blanket on the living room floor and enjoy your meal together as if it were an outdoor picnic! 

Monopoly Marathon: Nothing brings families together like a good game of Monopoly! Set aside an afternoon or evening for everyone in your family to play together. You can even come up with personalized rules for added fun! 

Battle of the Blanket Forts: It’s time for battle! Let your kids use pillows, blankets, chairs, and anything else they can find to build the biggest and best blanket fort possible. If you have more than one child then let them compete against each other to see who can build the most impressive fort (with parental supervision of course!). Once they’ve finished building their creations you can give out prizes or crown a champion fort builder. 

Family Spring Cleaning Day: Spring cleaning isn’t just about getting rid of clutter—it’s about starting fresh for a new season. Get everyone involved in cleaning up around the house by assigning tasks like sorting through old clothes, organizing toys into bins/boxes, dusting off shelves/furniture, etc.. Not only will this be beneficial in terms of keeping your home clean but it will also help teach kids important skills such as organization and responsibility. 

Build Your Own Lego Land: If your kids love Legos then this activity is perfect for them. Have them create their own mini Lego world complete with buildings, people (Lego figures), cars/vehicles, etc.. They can even add some landscaping elements such as trees or shrubs if they want to get really creative! This activity will spark their imagination while still being educational at the same time since Legos are known for helping children develop fine motor skills as well as problem solving abilities. 

Nature Art Project: Take advantage of this mild weather by heading outside and collecting natural materials such as leaves, twigs, rocks etc… Then bring these items back inside where kids can use them to create art projects such as sculptures or paintings – no two projects will be alike!. This activity is great because not only does it stimulate creativity but it also helps children learn about different types of plants/nature found outdoors which is always beneficial knowledge. 

Visit the Grandparents: We know that this isn’t always possible depending on circumstances but if you are able to make it over to grandparents’ house then do so! Kids will love spending quality time with their grandparents while hearing stories from when they were younger – plus it’s always nice seeing grandkids make grandparent proud 🙂

Head To Your Local Library: Most libraries offer free programs throughout the year specifically designed for children so check out what’s going on at yours during spring break!. Whether its story time sessions or arts & crafts classes there are usually plenty of activities available that cater towards different age groups so there should be something suitable no matter how old/young your kids are!

Bowling!: What better way to spend spring break than enjoying some family fun at the bowling alley? Gather everyone together from grandparents down to toddlers and hit up some lanes before returning home exhausted but fulfilled after a day filled with laughs and memories made!

With the right preparations and some creativity, you can make sure that this Spring break is full of fun and entertainment. Get the whole family together for some quality time – plan carefully, stay organized, and remember what’s important: making treasured family memories! 

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