5 Fun & Festive Valentines Day Activities

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Who’s ready to celebrate?! 

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have selected 5 FUN activities for kids and parents alike to show their love and create something special! 

Whether you’re looking to make a craft, play a family game, or dance at a LIVE event, these Valentine-themed suggestions are PERFECT for all ages. 


Conversation Heart Photo Frames

This one is great to make with the kids and surprise a loved one with a handmade frame that’s also an edible sweet treat! All you need is 1 sheet of cardstock, masking tape, 1-2 boxes of conversation hearts, and 1 small tube of white, red, or pink frosting. 

Cut out the cardstock into the shape of the frame you want. It could be a simple rectangle or a giant heart, any shape will work. Once you have cut the frame, select the hearts you will use and be creative:  Rainbow, all one color, or a fun pattern – EVERYTHING GOES! Use a small dollop of frosting on each heart and attach it to the frame. Let the frosting set and then use masking tape to attach your photo! 

APA Unicorn Love Camp! 

Roses are red, violets are blue, APA wants to celebrate Valentine’s Day with YOU! 

Come join us for our Unicorn Love Camp happening on Saturday, February 6th from

12:15 pm -1:15 pm at our Oak Creek location OR Tuesday, February 9th from 5 pm – 6 pm at our Franklin location. This Camp is for students ages 3-6 years old. Students will learn a Valentine’s-themed dance, create a Unicorn craft and play games!  The cost for this event is just $20 and there are openings still AVAILABLE.

Register at the link below to save your Valentine’s spot TODAY! 


Valentine Cheer Bags!

If your kiddos are still virtually learning or may not be exchanging Valentine cards this year with their class, this is a GREAT alternative to the traditional exchange. All you need is Valentine’s goody bags, Valentine cards, and some CANDY! Make goody bags and stuff them with cards, chocolate kisses and love. Drop off on their front porch and let them know you left them a Valentine Cheer Bag made especially for them! 


Valentine’s Day Wreath

Valentine’s Day Wreaths are another fun craft to decorate your home and spread the love! They are simple to make for kids of all ages and also double as a great decor piece for many years to come!  Supplies needed are construction paper in Valentine’s colors, glue, scissors, and ribbon. Cut construction paper into rectangular strips and fold into a heart shape, gluing the ends together. Make anywhere between 10-14 construction paper hearts depending on how large you would like the wreath to be, then glue all hearts into a circular wreath shape. Be creative with the decorations! Add glitter to make it sparkle or write messages on each heart sending love to someone special! Once dry, attach ribbon to the top and hang it on your front door or in your living room. 


 Valentine’s Bingo! 

A great addition to your family game night! We have created a FREE Printable for you to use and all you need is your FAVORITE  Valentine’s candy to use as tile covers. Enjoy together after a great family meal or as an activity the kids can play all month LONG! 


Whichever Valentine’s Day activity you choose, be sure to celebrate the ones you love and spend time together making memories and sweet treats! 

Registration for our Unicorn Love Camp is now OPEN! Click on the link below and sign up for your Valentine’s TODAY! 


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