5 Valentine’s Day Activities to Celebrate with your Family!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to start planning the perfect holiday for your family. Although Valentine’s is known to be just for parents, thes 5 activites are perfect for including the whole family!  Show your favorite people some extra love this year with one of these five fun activities guaranteed to bring joy and excitement to parents and kiddos alike!

1.Valentine’s Day Breakfast– Start the day off right by treating your family to a delicious breakfast. Get creative in the kitchen by making heart shaped pancakes, or strawberry waffles topped with pink frosting. Make sure to add some chocolate chips and sprinkles for an extra festive flair!

2.Valentine’s Love Hearts- Next, create a special project together as a family. Take turns writing down things you love about each other on hearts and then hang them up around the house or on the fridge as a reminder of how much you love one another.

  1. Family Valentines Craft- For something more crafty, make rainbow heart-shaped suncatchers using tissues and construction paper to decorate your windows. If you’re looking to snake something that can be used all year, create hand-painted vases filled with real or paper flowers for each member of the family. 

4.Fancy Valentine’s Dinner! Plan out each course from appetizers to desserts and come together as a team in the kitchen. The kids will love helping out with all the steps from prepping ingredients and setting up decorations, to baking treats for dessert!

  1. Valentine’s Movie Night- Finally, end the day with some quality family time by having a Valentine themed movie night!. Choose from kids classics like Shrek and Lady & The Tramp, or new favorites like UP or Little Rascals—the options are endless! Spend time snuggling up on the couch while indulging in snacks & sweets during intermission—no matter what you choose it is sure to be an evening full of laughter & fun!

So there you have it—five activities guaranteed to bring joy and excitement this holiday season! From breakfast treats and crafts projects, to dinner feasts and movie nights—there is something for everyone in your family to enjoy this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget that it doesn’t take much money or effort to show someone how much they mean to you; so don’t miss out on this opportunity for memories that will last far beyond February 14th! Spread some extra love today by taking part in any of these five fun-filled activities with your loved ones!

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