Dance, Music, & Theatre are cornerstones of the performing arts; and we offer all three at The Academy of Performing Arts (APA), in Oak Creek and Franklin, Wisconsin!

At APA, students with a desire for further arts enrichment and a truly well-rounded performing arts education are invited to enter our “Accelerated Performing Artists” program!

This program consists of APA students who dedicate themselves to taking classes in all three of our foundational programs: Dance, Music, & Theatre.

Which APA Classes Fit Into The 3 Categories?

  • Dance: Any group Recreational Dance Classes or Competitive/Technical Dance class or team.
  • Music: Any Private Music lessons, group Glee, Junior, or Music Junior classes.
  • Theater: Any group Drama, Drama Junior, Musical Theatre class, or a Musical/Play (offered at various times).
    **Glee classes can count as a Drama/Theatre class in instances when the student is in other classes in the music category and there is no drama/theatre class available/left. (Ex: student is in private music, music junior, and there is no Drama/Theatre class open or available.)

How Do I Enter This Program?

Students who are enrolled in classes in all three APA programs for at least 5 months (at least half of a full 10 month school year session), are eligible for this program. Our staff will do our best to notify students who already meet these requirements, and to track students as they do meet them. But, if you know you are enrolling in a class that would move you into the program, please notify us so we are sure to give your student the appropriate recognition! *The program will begin for students starting at 1st grade until we have classes in the theatre category for younger students.

What Does My Student Gain From The “Accelerated Performing Artists” Program?

Students who participate in this program will not only receive the benefit of a well-rounded performing arts education, they will also receive the following benefits:

  • A multiclass discount off your APA tuition of 20% off your second class and 30% off your third class!
  • An APA “Accelerated Performing Artists” program sweatshirt!
  • An APA “Accelerated Performing Artists” program trophy for each year (minimum of 5 months enrolled in all 3 programs) of participation!
  • Students completing their senior year of primary education will receive a Letter of Recommendation from the APA instructor of their choice! The student can use this for college applications, work resumes, and portfolios.
  • Recognition on the program webpage, APA social media pages, and other academy announcements!

Want To Join The Program?

If you think that your student is already meeting the requirements of this program, or you would like to enroll in another class so that they can participate, please let us know!

Email [email protected] to discuss this, or with any questions!

Want to look at some classes? Visit our dance or music class pages below!
*Please note that registration for group classes is only open during specific times throughout the year (private lesson registration is always open). Registration typically opens at the beginning of September, and closes in the Fall on October 15th. Then, reopens for the Spring session at beginning of January, and closes again on or about February 15th.