April Student of the Month Winners


Music Student: Congratulations to Arin Jones, our Music Student of the Month. Arin is in 7th grade at Forest Park Middle School in Franklin where his favorite subject is Math. His favorite color is blue. Arin’s favorite food is pizza and his favorite dessert is brownies. Arin’s favorite style of music is electronic and he enjoys playing the piano the most. Arin has been taking piano lessons for 7 years. Arin’s hero is his Dad! Mr. Alex nominated Arin due to his consistent preparation, his willingness to participate in extra-curricular performances, and his diligent work on his piano pieces for WFMC. He regularly goes above and beyond what is asked of him. Keep up the good work, Arin! 


Recreational Dance Student: Congratulations to William Nichols, our Recreational Dancer of the Month. William is in 5th grade at Edgewood Elementary School, where his favorite subject is Math. When William grows up he hopes to become a chef. His favorite color is red. His favorite food is pizza rolls and his favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream. He also enjoys playing Fortnite. William’s personal hero is his Dad. William’s favorite song is Nerd Out. This is William’s first year at APA and he enjoys taking Hip Hop with Mr. Garrett. William was nominated by Mr. Garrett because he is an absolute pleasure to work with! William works hard in and out of class. I can tell he practices outside of class by the huge amount of improvement he has shown with the material in class. He has a great attitude and work ethic every class he has with me. Great work, Will! 


Competitive Dance Student: Congratulations Xiomara Martinez, our Competitive Team Dancer of the Month. Xiomara is in 6th grade at Carmen South Middle School where her favorite subject is Math. Xiomara loves the color purple. Xiomara’s favorite food is spaghetti and favorite dessert is strawberry cake. She enjoys using the app Snapchat. Xiomara would like to become a lawyer when she is older. Her personal hero is Frida Kahlo. She has been dancing at APA for 5 years and this is her second year on Competitive Teams. Xiomara’s favorite style of dance is Lyrical, her favorite memory is receiving Team awards, and dance has taught her to never give up.  Xiomara has been nominated because she is a dedicated worker and a very helpful and supportive teammate. Her leadership skills don’t go unnoticed. She constantly wants to improve her craft and always asks for ways to improve, corrections and then applies them. Xiomara always comes to class prepared and ready to give it her all. Those around her always appreciate her kindness. Congratulations Xiomara! 

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