Benefits Of Both In-Person & Virtual Activities For Happy, Healthy Kids


The 2020 school year is here and kids everywhere are adjusting to what education will look like for the foreseeable future. 

With so many changes this school year, kids are depending on their after-school activities as a way to ensure time to socialize with their peers and encourage physical activity after a full day of either in-person or virtual learning. 

Activities that have been part of their lives and routines may have returned in-person, virtually, or both, but either style of learning and attending an afterschool activity is beneficial mentally and physically for kids of every age. 

Here at APA, we offer both in-person and virtual learning for our dance and music programs, giving parents the option of how they want their children to learn, eliminating the question of if they can enroll based on how their families are learning this year. With both options available, kids can continue thriving in the activity they always loved, gaining benefits from both learning styles. 

The CDC guidelines state that returning to in-person activities supports the development of social/emotional skills and facilitates physical activity in a safe learning environment. While some schools have chosen to go completely virtual, having the option to enroll your child in an activity that takes place in person can give them these benefits.

However, if your family has chosen to continue learning virtually, there are benefits to this approach as well. 

It’s important to remember that distance learning is not a new approach to education. Choosing to remain virtual gives you the ability to think outside the box of how you want to approach education with your kids.

Making your own school hours, creating backyard field trips, and enrolling in activities such as dance classes or music lessons virtually still gives kids a great education experience and socialization with their peers, doing something they enjoy!

Whether your children are returning to in-person classes or continuing to learn virtually this school year, finding an afterschool activity is a great way to ensure they are engaging with their peers in a creative and fun environment and encouraging health and wellness. 

Let us provide that for your family the APA Way! 


Don’t forget to register for our upcoming Fall session! Registration is open and classes are filling up fast! We hope you’ll join us in person or virtually for another great season! 


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