Best New Children’s Books Arriving in 2022

Looking for some new and exciting children’s books to read to your little ones? Well, look no further! Below is a list of the best new children’s books hitting store shelves in 2022. From beautiful picture books to engaging chapter books, these titles are sure to capture your child’s imagination.

It’s hard to keep up with the latest and greatest children’s books when there are so many new titles being published every year. Whether you’re looking for a new read-aloud for your family or something special to give as a gift, these books are sure to please. We’ve compiled this list of books that emphasize the importance of music, movement, and body positivity – values that we find to be so important at APA! So mark your calendars, and get ready to add some amazing new titles to your reading list!

There’s a Rock Concert in my Bedroom! 

The sound of music fills the pages in this charming story. Emma has always loved music, especially dance parties with her family! When she decides to perform in their school talent show- she worries about being a good enough musician, and the thought makes her shyer than ever before.; But when we meet her again all sorts of surprises await, – like overcoming stage fright, leading her down an exciting road toward success.”

Why Not You? 

The new children’s book from popstar singer Ciara & quarterback Russell Wilson inspires kids of all ages to be confident in themselves as they embark on an adventure through which anything can happen–like meeting amazing people or achieving goals! With its inclusive illustrations and encouraging words, this uplifting story will help build self-esteem, while guiding readers towards success no matter what obstacles come their way.

All of Me

Children need to learn how it feels to love the body they’re in from a young age. If your child struggles with loving themselves and wants some help, this book would be the perfect solution because of its helpful lessons on self-love! Ari is overweight but finds new friends that accept him just as he is, which gives them an opportunity to develop healthier lifestyles together. It shows the drive that we all have inside of us if only given encouragement by our peers or parents alike.  

Just Help

With the question, “Who will you help today?” Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor inspires readers to actively support their community. Her story provides insight into the life of an inspiring young girl who, along with her friends, demonstrates various ways they can make an impact in this world by providing inspiration for others around them!

You Are a Lion

Introduce your little one to yoga with amusing animal poses. “You Are a Lion!” is the perfect way to introduce them (and you!) to basic poses!, Because who doesn’t love playing pretend? Encouraging the flexibility and focus required of this ancient form of exercise, this book provides hours upon the end of fidgeting time. “You Are a Lion!” will have kids on their feet, prancing about like furry creatures from everywhere across Africa!

It’s always a joy to share our favorite books from the year with you all! We know how important it is for children of any age (and adults!) to be surrounded by books and stories. For those little ones in your life, we hope these recommendations inspire them to read even more!

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