December Student of the Month Winners

APA Students of the Month: Congrats to the following students –>  

Music –  Emi Suttner – Congratulations to Emi Suttner, our December Music Student of the Month!  Emi is a sophomore at Franklin High School, where her favorite subject is Biology.  Some of Emi’s other favorites include: color: Yellow, dessert: Schaum Torte, and food:  Eggs.  She also enjoys using Instagram. Her personal hero is her beautiful Mother.  Emi’s favorite style of music is classical, and her favorite song is Mariya Takeuchi’s “Plastic Love”. Emi has been taking violin lessons at APA for six years.  Mr. Allen says “Emi is a dedicated student and a promising young violinist. She deserves recognition as Student of the Month for consistently increasing her level of ability as she tackles challenging repertoire.”  Congratulations, Emi! 

Recreational Dancer – Jayla Richter – Congratulations to Jayla Richter, our Recreational Dancer of the Month. Jayla is in 5th grade at Carollton Elementary School, where her favorite subject is Math. Her favorite food is Lasagna and her favorite dessert is a Banana Split. Jayla would like to be an actress or candy maker when she grows up.  Her personal hero is God. Jayla loves the color yellow. Her favorite song is Lucid Dreams and she enjoys using the app Sandbox. Jayla has been dancing with APA for 7 years, her favorite style of dance is Hip Hop. Her favorite memory is performing “Can I Take Your Order” at the Showstopper Dance competition 2 years ago.  Miss K says Jayla comes to class with a positive attitude and is open to learning new moves even if she doesn’t understand the choreography initially. She is a very energetic and hardworking dancer. Jayla also became an assistant and helps out other students with the movements throughout class. She’s always smiling and spreading her contagious bright energy! Congratulations Jayla! 

Competitive Dancer – Kyla Bartsch – Congratulations to Kyla, our Team Dancer of the Month.  Kyla is in 2nd grade at Meadowview Elementary school where she enjoys Writing and Art. Her favorite color is Turquoise, her favorite food is Spaghetti and her favorite dessert is Cheesecake. Kyla’s favorite songs are Champion and Blown by Carrie Underwood. Her heroes are her Mom and Dad because “they work really hard so I can dance so much.” Kyla has been dancing for 5 1/2 years and has been on APA Teams for 3 years. Her favorite styles of dance are Tap and Ballet.  Her best dance memory is “going to the Showstoppers convention at the Kalahari because all my teachers and friends were there and we had so much fun dancing together.”  Dance has taught Kyla “how important it is to be a part of a team and it has showed me to never give up.”  Miss Jessie says Kyla is always quiet and focused in her classes. She’s eager to learn more and I enjoy watching her grow into a young dancer. She practices her dances and sets a good example for her teammates. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Kyla.  Congratulations Kyla! 

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