Favorite Fall Activities and Adventures!

[vc_row enable_arrows_animation=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Fall is upon us and we here at APA could not be more excited for the start of a new season! 

The air becomes crisp, leaves take on beautiful colors and weekends are jam-packed with all the traditional events. 

Autumn brings so many new activities for the whole family!  Some are short excursions while others are all-day adventures!


We know there’s always a trip to your local pumpkin farm and decorating for Halloween, but if you’re searching for NEW events this season we’ve got you covered!

Listed here are our top 10 Favorite Fall activities and adventures sure to get your family in the Fall spirit! 


Apple Picking at your favorite orchard

Pumpkins are the shining star of this season, but let’s not forget about the APPLES! Take an afternoon with the family and venture out to pick your favorite flavors at a local orchard, then gather in the kitchen to bake a delicious Apple Crisp or homemade Caramel Apples! 


Have a Backyard Campout

This activity would be perfect for September before the weather gets too cold! 

Pitch the tent, start the campfire, and don’t forget the S’MORES! What better way to send off summer and bring in a new season than time spent outdoors. 

DIY Fall decoration party! 

Gather the kiddos and grab the arts & crafts for an afternoon creating fun fall decorations! Use construction paper to make spooky ghosts and creepy bats, make table scarecrows out of popsicle sticks or create a Fall wreath for the front door. Spending creative time together is fun for kids and helpful for parents. 



Gardening/Planting bulbs for the Spring

Whether you’re an avid gardener or you’re just looking to start a new project, gardening is such a fun activity for kids of all ages. Planting bulbs now (Daffodils, Tulips, and Lilies are some of our favorites) between October and December will bring amazing colors to your yard in the Spring! It’s also a great learning activity and so fun for kids to see their hard work from Fall bloom in Spring! 


Take a hike or bike through the forest

With all the beautiful colors that come with Fall, it’s the perfect time to get outdoors and take in the magic of the changing trees. Hike through your local park and have kids start a leaf collection or take an afternoon family bike ride in the crisp Fall air. 


Register for Fall activities and events

The start of September can be such a crazy time! There is so much happening in those first two weeks, it’s easy to forget about registering for afterschool activities and events. Take time to talk with your kiddos about what activities they’re interested in and be sure to check out all that we have to offer at APA! 

Take family photos

Now is the PERFECT time to have your family portrait taken. The beautiful backdrop of Autumn leaves makes for great outdoor photos and ready just in time for those Christmas Cards! 


Outdoor Halloween Movie Night! 

A fun and creative way to watch all your favorite Halloween classics! Pull out the projector, hang a solid white sheet, start the popcorn and snuggle up for an evening under the stars at your very own Drive-In movie theater! 

Start a family book club

What better way to spend a chilly Fall afternoon than curled up with a good book! Have a family meeting to decide what you’ll be reading that month and then take one day each week to discuss the chapters you’ve read and what you think about the story! 


Create a Gratitude Pumpkin 

This activity is perfect in November before the Thanksgiving holiday! On your annual trip to the pumpkin farm, be sure to purchase a small-medium-sized pumpkin for this activity. Take time together and discuss what each of you is thankful for and write it on the pumpkin. Place on your kitchen table as the centerpiece for the month and take time to reflect on what you’re grateful for each family dinner. 


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