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APA Students of the Month: 

Music – Congratulations to Jennifer Tran, our February Music Student of the Month!  Jennifer is in 8th grade at I.D.E.A.L Charter School. Her favorite color is yellow.  She loves cookies and her favorite food is pho. Jennifer enjoys listening to Kpop (Korean pop) music and her favorite song is Thank You, by Got 7.  Her favorite instrument to play is the piano.  She just started taking piano lessons this past October. Miss Rachel nominated Jennifer because even though she is new to piano, she has shown an amazing amount of growth with her technique. She shows up ready to learn, and will go far with her great work ethic! Congratulations Jennifer!

Recreational Dancer – Congratulations to Evangeline Janes, our Recreational Dance student of the month. Evangeline likes to go by Lena. She is in 5k at Yorkville Elementary School where she enjoys free choice time and reading. She would like to be a bakery owner or a teacher when she grows up. Her favorite colors are pink and purple. Lena loves to eat Mac and Cheese and Mint Brownies. She enjoys using the Sparkle SonicareKids App. Evangeline has been dancing for 3 years at APA. Her favorite style of dance is Tap. So far, her favorite memory is dancing on the big stage!  Her personal hero is her mom. Some day she hopes to go to Disney World.

She was nominated by Miss Jordynn, who says she is such a sweet girl! She comes into class with a big smile every week. Before we start dancing, she always tells me about what she did at school. I love hearing about her day and what she did at school because it is easy to see she truly enjoys school and dance! She is then ready to do everything planned for that night at dance. Lena is always helping out her classmates and is always there to give them a smile when they need it. Lena is always taking the opportunity to learn new material and go for the extra challenge. Congratulations Evangeline!

Competitive Dance – Congratulations to Olivia Rick, our Team Dancer of the month. Olivia is in 4th grade at Pleasant View Elementary School, where she enjoys science. When she grows up she wants to be a nurse. Her favorite color is blue. Olivia’s favorite app is the Harry Potter, Hogwarts Mystery app and her favorite song is Hedwig’s Theme. Her favorite dessert is Lava Cake and her favorite food is goldfish. Olivia’s personal hero is Misty Copeland. Olivia has been dancing for 5 years and has been on APA Competitive Teams for 2 years. Her favorite style of dance is Jazz. Her best dance memory is getting 1st place at a competition.  She said dance has taught her posture and to be unique.  Olivia was nominated by all of the Team coaches. Olivia is always prepared for class and is consistently making the effort to improve her technique.  She is a fun, hard worker. She does a great job with her choreography and encourages and helps her teammates with any questions. She definitely practices at home! Her smile is infectious to those in class and in the audience. Her kindness towards others makes those around her feel welcome and included. Keep dancing your heart out Olivia, you make us all smile with every class and performance.

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