Fun Ways to Make Time for Summer Reading!

Summertime is known for days spent in the sunshine playing in the yard, splashing by the pool, and soaking up as much family time as possible. However, it’s also the BEST time to continue education with fun ways to incorporate reading each day! 

We all know it’s not the easiest to encourage kids to take the time to read when summer play is calling, so we have compiled 5 ways families can make reading FUN while still having time for summer.

These activities will make reading MORE than just a daily task, but encourage time spent together with family creating memories with our imaginations. 


-Create a Summer Reading Bookworm-

This activity doubles as a craft and a fun way to encourage summer reading. All you need is colorful construction paper, scissors, glue, and markers. Have kiddos cut 4-inch circles out of paper in their favorite colors. Next, take the marker and write your child’s favorite book titles on the circles. Each time you complete reading a book use glue to attach circles one to the next, creating the body of the bookworm! The challenge is how long can you make the bookworm before the end of summer! 

-Bookworm Gardens-

If you haven’t been to this beautiful garden yet, you will definitely want to choose this activity to encourage reading and play! Bookworm Gardens, located in Sheboygan, is a “playful” botanical garden that is centered around children’s literature. Take a ride on the Magic School Bus, tour the Three Little Pigs houses, dig for Dinosaurs or spend time down on the farm! Bring your favorite book to enjoy under the trees.  


-Summer Reading Goal Chart!-

Another fun craft and reading project in one! This reading goal chart is similar to the caterpillar but geared more towards an older age group. All you need is construction paper, markers, and decorative stickers. Have kids once again select their summer reading list and using the construction paper draw a ladder with the title of the books as the rungs. Each time you read a summer book, use the stickers to climb up the ladder! 

-Adventure Stories-

Heading out for a day at the zoo? Maybe you’re making a trip to the county fair or an afternoon at the museum? This is the perfect opportunity to include a story with your adventure! Take a look through your bookshelves and see if you have books that coincide with the trip you’re taking or see if one inspires you to take a journey! 


-Reading Balloon Pop!-

Just like the state fair! This classic game of pop the balloon is a fun family activity that can double as a reading challenge. All you need is colorful balloons, slips of paper, and a pen. Have each family member write out their absolute FAVORITE book to read on the paper. Next, blow up the balloons halfway, then slip the folder paper inside the balloon. Continue to blow up the balloons, tie them off and attach them to your fence outdoors or a corkboard. Have each person pop a balloon and see whose story you’ll be reading together as a family first!  

We hope these family activities help make it fun for your family to enjoy the joys of summer reading all year long! 


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