Group Music Class vs Private Music Lessons

If you’re a regular reader of APA’s monthly music blog, you already know that there are MANY benefits to learning an instrument. You’ve read about the positive effects on the brain, and how it improves memory, patience, and confidence. You have also learned about the lifelong benefits of being in a group music class; and all of the things working together as a group can give to your child, like a sense of community and belonging.

As we near spring break, and current and new APA families are registering for summer and fall classes, here is a helpful breakdown of students that benefit most in group music classes and private music lessons. Ultimately, any musician will improve their playing and performing skills in BOTH a private and group educational setting, but these examples below will help you decide when your child will benefit the most.

Group Music Classes at APA:

Especially helpful for very young students (5 and under) new to music.

Students who would love to perform but are too shy (and not yet ready) to do so alone. Students who enjoy socializing and working with their peers.

Students (any age) who are new to music and want to try it out first before committing to learning an instrument. Students who are looking to pursue community or professional performance careers in group music/drama (ex: those who perform in musicals, choirs, plays, etc.)

For advanced group music classes: students who have taken private lessons for at least a couple of years and are ready to use their skills to perform in a professional group setting.


Private Music Lessons at APA:

Especially helpful for those students who need individualized lesson plans to meet their specific learning requirements. Students who are looking to specialize in a specific instrument. Students looking to fine-tune their skills and grow individually for performances (ex: vocalists wanting to prepare for auditions, violinists wanting to audition for Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra.)

Students looking to pursue a career in music (either education or performance.)

Adult musicians Professional musicians looking to continue their learning and prepare for auditions or performances.

The APA Summer music class schedule will be available on April 4th, and the Fall schedule will be available on May 2nd. 

Click the link below and register for our upcoming session TODAY! 

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