How to Select Your Spring Recital Song

It is that time of year again for APA music students to start thinking about songs for the upcoming spring music recital on June 3rd.  It is never too early to begin selecting and preparing your music!  While it is ultimately up to your APA music teacher to help you decide on an appropriate piece, here are a few tips for our students and parents when thinking about choosing the right song:

 Choose a recital piece that is challenging but not TOO challenging.  Oftentimes a student will want to play or sing a song that “sounds” like a good fit, but once the teacher takes a look at the sheet music, they find it is a few levels beyond the student’s current performing ability. That said, sometimes your teacher can help find a version of the song that is more at your current level.  If there just isn’t a good version of the song right now, make note of the title in your music notebook and make it a goal to perform that song in the future when you are at a higher level.  This is just another reason to keep up your practice and build your musical ability!  😊

Select a song that you enjoy!  Performing in front of a live audience can feel a bit scary at first, so the focus should be on enjoying yourself and your music.  Performing isn’t about perfection, it is about sharing your love of music with the audience.  The more that you enjoy your song, the more the audience will enjoy your performance.  Finding a song that you can connect with and perform with expression is very important. 

Select a song that is age appropriate, and appropriate for a family audience.  Check with your music teacher (especially voice students who are singing the words aloud!) to make sure the lyrics to your song are appropriate for the music recital.  Sometimes a teacher will suggest a simple lyric change to make the song work, but other times it just isn’t possible.  A lot of popular songs are certainly fun to listen to, but they are also written for more of an adult audience.  Rely on your teacher to guide you in the right direction. 

Finding the right recital song can make all the difference in the success of your performance, so be sure to follow these guidelines above.  If you have any questions ask your APA music teacher, and they will help you find something that will work the best for you. 

Tiffany Sullivan

APA Music Director

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