How Your Child Will Benefit from Being in a Music and Dance Group Class

In honor of our APA Disney Performers show choir that is performing at Disney Springs on Feb. 25th, this month’s music blog is all about what this experience, and what being in a dancing and singing group can do for your child.  As a Music Director of this group, I have witnessed first hand all of the amazing skills these students have gained.  Before our first rehearsal, some of these students had never sang and danced at the same time.  Some had never trained in a performance group. Everything was a bit new, and a little scary, but within a very short amount of time I watched these students blossom and grow into a true show choir.  Not only did they learn a ton about what it takes to be professional performers, but they made friends, and experienced a sense of community that only something like this experience can create. 

For those of you interested in providing your child with this kind of experience, here are five important ways that your child would benefit from being in a singing and dancing group: 

1.) Your child will learn the very sought-after, and marketable skill of being able to sing and dance simultaneously.

This is a huge skill that Theatre Directors are looking for in their lead cast members.  Any great performer, even those not in musicals or show choirs, needs to have a very clear understanding of how movement affects performance.  The more you know how to effectively sing and move to express your song, the more marketable you will be as a performer of any kind.  

2.) Your child will gain confidence in their performance ability.  

Being able to successfully sing AND dance with synchronized movements in a group of performers, while emoting the necessary expression, is a HUGE confidence booster.  If you can do this, you feel like you can do anything.  :) 

3.) Your child will learn how to be an effective team member.   

This is a skill that any person can benefit from.  Being able to work well with others is not only a desirable skill, but it is a NECESSARY one if you want to be successful in life.  In a show choir, each member has to give 100 percent so that all will benefit.  A successful performance group must have a team made up of hard-working, motivated, and easy to work with performers.

4.) Your child will become a better entertainer.  

If the Disney audition process and rehearsals have taught us anything, it is that it takes MORE than just great dancing and singing to be a great entertainer.  One of the requirements of this whole Disney process was that our group would be entertaining enough to catch the interest of the audience at Disney Springs.  On top of having great dancing and vocal technique, our performers have to show enough energy, expression, and enthusiasm, to make those walking by want to stop and watch our show.  

5.) Your child will make friends. 

This is one of the coolest things I have seen grow out of this whole Disney show choir experience.  Not only are these students getting an amazing opportunity, but they get to do so with their friends by their side.  When working hard in a group atmosphere with everyone working toward the same goal, you can’t help but get closer to each other and build relationships that last.  :)  

As you can see, being a part of a music and dance group, like our APA Disney Performers show choir, provides your child with so much more than just a fun after-school activity.  

To see more of what APA offers for group music and dance classes, check out our registration page linked below! 

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