Making the Most of Distance Learning

[vc_row enable_arrows_animation=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]As schools everywhere make the difficult decision to return to full-time virtual classes, parents are once again faced with the challenges that come with distance learning. 

We all know the struggle it can be to keep kiddos focused on their computers while remaining engaged in the lessons and excited about learning. 

Sometimes all it takes is a little positivity and a change of mindset for the whole family to make this situation successful! 

Although kitchen tables and living room sofas weren’t where we envisioned our children would be learning, there are strategies to help make the transition easier. 

Here we listed five strategies that can help parents encourage their kids to keep a positive mindset, focus on the outcome of this challenge, and the incentives that will motivate them towards success. 

Create a Daily Routine that works for your family.

Children thrive with routines, but remember to be flexible! Every day is different from the last, so remind yourself and your kids that some days are going to be simpler than others. Most students have a designated time their classes meet, but be sure to include breaks from the screen and one on one time together over lunch. Both you and your kiddos will love spending the time together. 


Provide structure with options.

During breaks from class, let kids decide how they want to spend the time. Independent reading, a short walk outside, or playing board games over lunch are activities that are still educational, but letting them decide encourages their independent thinking and are positive incentives that they will look forward to. 

Get Outdoors!

The weather will be getting colder, but it’s good to get outside for a quick walk and some fresh air. After hours at the computer, we know how important it is to take a break and spend time out in nature! Make it educational by creating a scavenger hunt for objects on the trail, recognize and match different types of trees or let kids lead the way and create adventures of their own. 

After School Activities and Family Field Trips

Kids thrive when they are engaged in a group activity where they can express their creativity along with others. Whether it be a weekly dance class or music lesson, kids will appreciate the time socializing with their peers in a safe environment. Family field trips are also a fun way to learn together. Head to the Oak Creek Library website and register for one of their “Take Out” events, picking up materials and creating movie nights in your living room or an imagination station in the backyard! 


Remember you have been teaching your kids their entire lives!

You can do this! Yes, there will inevitably be days that are more challenging than others, but you have been teaching your little ones their entire lives and this is no different. Be graceful with yourself and your kids. This situation is unique but definitely doable once you find your family’s rhythm and routine. 






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