May Student of the Month Winners

Music Student:  Congratulations to Lola Guardado, our Music Student of the Month. Lola is in 2nd grade at J Jones Elementary School where her favorite subject is Art. She would like to be a teacher when she grows up. Some of her favorite things are Pizza, Brownies, and the color blue. Lola’s favorite style of music is country and her favorite artist is the Zac Brown Band. This is Lola’s first year taking piano lessons at APA. Miss Allison nominated Lola because she is a dedicated piano and dance student at APA. She practices hard at home and works hard perfecting her skills in her lessons. At home Lola will sometimes look ahead in her book to challenge herself to learn new songs on her own. Great job, Lola! 

Recreational Dance Student: Congratulations to Madison Fischer, our Recreational Dancer of the Month. Madison is in 3rd grade at Bay Lane Elementary School, where her favorite subject is Math. When she grows up she would like to be a waitress. Her favorite color is teal. She loves to eat Mac N’ Cheese and Ice Cream. She also enjoys playing Helix Jump. Madison’s heroes are her family and her teachers! Her favorite song is Youngblood. This is Madison’s 4th year at APA and her favorite style of dance is Lyrical. She loves all the fun outfits (costumes) and rehearsals! Madison was nominated by Miss Jordynn.  Miss Jordynn says “Madison always comes to class with a big smile and is ready to do nothing but dance! She is always giving her 100% best while also encouraging her classmates. Maddie takes the corrections I give her and applies them week after week to better her technique. It’s easy to see that she has grown tremendously as a dancer (and person) since January! Maddie is a very dedicated and hard-working dancer. Such a pleasure to teach!”  

Competitive Dance Student: Congratulations Hailey Barth, our Competitive Team Dancer of the Month. Hailey is in 8th grade at Walden III Middle School where her favorite subject is Math. She would like to enter the medical field when she grows up. Hailey’s parents are her heroes. Hailey enjoys using the app Snapchat and her favorite color is white. Her favorite food are Buffalo Wild Wings and her favorite dessert is Cheesecake. Hailey has been dancing at APA for 10 years and this is her 3rd year on Teams. Her favorite style of dance is Poms. Her favorite memory is competing and feeling that she did really well. Dance has taught her to “Never Give Up”. Hailey was nominated by all of her competitive coaches. They love her positivity! “She always has a smile on her face, even on difficult days when rehearsals can be long, and never brings outside negativity into the classroom. Hailey puts forth the effort and energy to continue to grow as a dancer and a person. She always comes back knowing her choreography.  She is a supportive teammate and a great role model. She also tells some great jokes!”  Congratulations, Hailey! 

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