New Year, New Goals, Same Dreams!

[vc_row enable_arrows_animation=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]As the holiday season fast approaches, many families are screaming GOODBYE to 2020 and HELLO to 2021! 

We are over the moon to start the New Year with new goals all reaching for the same DREAMS

Christmas break is the PERFECT  time to start prepping and planning for a great start to a New Year! 

Here we’ve selected 6 ideas to help families enter the New Year with a positive outlook and a roadmap for achieving goals in 2021! 


 Rest, Relax and Recharge over the Holiday break

After the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season winds down, take time for yourself to recharge! Students have been preparing since October for their Winter Performances, parents have been preparing for Christmas since November, and December is filled with traditional events that leave families overjoyed and exhausted at the same time. Be sure to make moments over break to enjoy a family movie night, at-home spa day with the kids or taking a drive through your neighborhood to enjoy the Christmas lights. 

 Write out NEW goals for the New Year 

Pick a favorite journal or notebook and make a list of what you would like to accomplish in 2021. These could be goals you’re hoping to accomplish, activities you’re excited to join,  trips you’re planning to take, and how you’re planning to achieve these dreams! Making a list is a good start to focus on a few key goals and the path you’ll need to accomplish them. 


Continuing What We Already LOVE into 2021

This could be a variety of interests and hobbies that your kids are involved in currently or an activity they are planning on rejoining in the New Year. Virtual music lessons, Winter sports activities, cooking new family recipes or trying a new style of dance. Find the things that make you and your family the happiest and build on those for the future. 


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Create a Morning Routine for the Family

Our current mornings look a lot different than in years past! Students virtually or hybrid learning, parents working from home full-time, and families spending most days in the house. It’s easy to fall out of a classic morning routine when all you need to do is open your laptop and start the day. Create a morning routine that includes family conversations over breakfast, a quick 10 minute stretch before online classes, or a quiet cup of coffee before your weekly Zoom meeting. Find a routine that works best to help keep everyone in your family healthy in both mind and body.

 Make an “I Wish Someone Told Me…” List with the family

This is a GREAT way to reflect on the past year, the events that happened, and how they changed the course of your future.  If someone would have told you of an upcoming event or outcome, how would that have altered your path? Share with the family over a Sunday supper and discuss what the world would look like now if they had known then what they know now?  

Make a Wish List for 2021 

There is no better year than 2021 to make a wish list! One that has no limits and makes you want to wake up each morning excited to make those wishes come true! Maybe you want to take a road trip, learn to cook, excel to the next level in your chosen hobby or write your own novel. Inspiration is everywhere and the sky’s the limit! What will you do in 2021 that will make you proud you made it through the challenges of 2020? 

APA is wishing for another Bright and Happy New Year with our dance and music families and staff! 


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