October Student of the Month Winners

Competitive Dance – Elyse Johnson

Congratulations to Elyse Johnson, our Team Dancer of the Month! Elyse is in 7th grade at Franklin Park Middle School where her favorite subject in school is Math. She likes using the Snapchat App, her fav food is Mac N’Cheese and she loves cheesecake for dessert. Elyse has been dancing for 8 years, and we’re so happy she has decided to join the APA Teams! Her favorite style of dance is Jazz, and one day she hopes to become a dance teacher/choreographer or a FBI Agent.  Elyse’s coaches say she is a delight to have in practises; she is always ready to dance and eager to learn more. We can tell she practices her dances because she’s confident and has a smile that sparkles. She sets a good example for her peers and we think she’s off to a great start this season. Congratulations Elyse, keep up the great work!!


Recreational Dance – Maddie Peare

Congratulations to Maddie Peare, our October recreational dancer of the month.  Maddie is in 3rd grade at Ben Franklin Elementary school.  Her favorite subject is math. Some of Maddie‘s favorite things are the song Dark horse by Katy Perry, her favorite app is Snapchat, her favorite dessert is ice cream and her favorite food is a steak prepared by her dad. Maddie has been dancing for 5 and a half years and her favorite style of dance is jazz.  Her teacher this year is Miss Jordynn.  Miss Jordynn says Maddie comes to class with a smile and a positive attitude.  She is ready to learn something new and is not afraid of a challenge.  She is determined, kind and such a pleasure to have in class.  Congratulations Maddie!

Music Student – Nicholas (Nico) Li

Congratulations to Nico Li, our October Music Student of the month. Nico is in 4th grade at Brookfield Academy.  His favorite subject in school is Art.   Some fun facts about Nicoare his favorite color is Orange, his favorite dessert is an ice cream sundae his favorite food is sushi and his favorite app is Minecraft.    His favorite song is I will Survive by Gloria Gaynor and his favorite artists are Bruno Mars and Mozart.       Nico has been taking music lessons at APA for four years.  Nico‘s teacher Miss Tiffany says,  he   has shown significant progress in both his technique and ability to play at a faster tempo.  He has been working on playing more challenging pieces while maintaining good balanced posture and characteristics of healthy technique.  I am so proud of all that he has accomplished!  :)   Congratulations Nico!

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