Share the Love Month!

[vc_row enable_arrows_animation=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Happy March All! 

As we edge closer to Spring and what is always a busy season at the studio, we’re taking time to appreciate all the LOVE within our APA family. 

This March will be our Share the Love Month! 

APA will be celebrating our Parents, Staff, and Students in a NEW way that will reach everyone and show gratitude to all those that make APA amazing!


Want to celebrate with us? 


We have listed 3 FUN and simple ways that your family can share your appreciation and gratitude together for the ones you love and the opportunities you are thankful for! 

Fine Arts Appreciation Coloring Pages + 2 FREE Printable! 

Help us share the love and have your dancer or musician color one of our 2 FREE printables below! We have a coloring sheet for younger ones and a creative bookmark for older students! Parents, once kiddos have completed their masterpieces take a photo of their work and share to your social media! Be sure to tag @theacademy2005 and help us SHARE THE LOVE! 


Send a Gratitude Video Message! 

What better way to share the love than by making a short and sweet video message that can be sent to everyone you’re thankful for! Help students create a video for grandparents, teachers, or extended family sending them thoughtful messages and notes of appreciation. A personal message means so much to so many! 

P.S. – APA will be celebrating Staff Appreciation week this month and we would love to share videos of students highlighting their teachers, our directors, and front desk staff, and what they LOVE about APA! 

Videos can be emailed to [email protected] and will be posted and shared on our social media platforms for all our staff to see! 


Rainbow Heart Cards!

A great afternoon activity for kids of all ages and parents too! 

Rainbow Heart Cards are made from simple art supplies and create a colorful window display. All you need is white card stock, multicolor tissue paper, foam brushes, Mod Podge, scissors, and a pen. After gathering supplies, trace a heart shape on the card stock with the pen and cut out the heart. Select different colors of tissue paper and have kiddos help cut paper into small squares. Use the foam brushes and cover Mod Podge over the entire heart. Add tissue squares in beautiful patterns or just an array of colors and allow overnight to dry. Add messages of gratitude, appreciation, and love on the backside and send them to someone to make their day! 


Capture a photo of your dancer or musician and their Heart Card and tag us @theacademy2005 so we can share your creative designs with our APA followers! 


We hope you join us in celebrating APA Share the Love Month and participate in showing our appreciation for those around us that make each day at APA amazing! 

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook this month to see all of the exciting surprises we have for Parents, Staff, and Students! 

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