Students of the Month – October 2017

Music Student of the Month

Linaya Bonde

I am nominating my student Linaya for student of the month. She is extremely dedicated and always practices at home. Linaya is a fast learner and finished her primer level of piano books in less than one school session. She is always on time, an extremely hard worker, and an absolute joy to teach!





Recreational Dancer of the Month

Amanda Rick 

I would like to nominate Amanda Rick. She has been with us for over 10 years! Her love and commitment for tap shows in every class she takes. She has been able to balance school, her love of softball and love for dance. She works hard in every class with a smile on her face!



Competitive Team Dancer of the Month

Erika Hysalliu

She has been working so hard in tech and rehearsal pushing herself to keep up with the returning members. Erika has also been in the rec. program for years so it’s nice to see her make the transition with great determination and ease.

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