Team Monthly Newsletter- January 2021

[vc_row enable_arrows_animation=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Happy New Year!!– We are so happy to have you with us in 2021!

We hope you had a very Happy Holiday!  Classes resume on Monday, January 4th.   Our December performances were great!  We cannot wait for our Spring Shows.  We are so proud of our students for all they learned in just a few months. Everyone did a fantastic job! Make sure to check out our Facebook page to see all of our pictures from the performances, as well as other photos people have posted or tagged us in.   Please call or email us if you have any questions. 

Important Documents for your reference:  (please click on each link to view)

Saturday Extra Rehearsals (separate tabs on the bottom of the spreadsheet)
2020-2021 APA Team Calendar (this is a live document and is updated often)
2020-2021 Payments
Competitive Team Costume Checklist – Also available on our Team App! 

Absence Form – This will be checked every Monday.  If the absence is not entered by Monday morning please still complete the form, but call as well so we can notify the teacher.  To be considered for an excused absence please make sure to complete the form no later than 30 days prior to the absence.

All Events on the Event Calendar are required unless otherwise stated. If you are unable to attend an event you will need to complete the Team Absence Form located on the Team website. Miss Alyssa will communicate with Miss Sarah M. to see if it could be excused. Each will be considered on an individual basis.

Team Fees Due Monday, January 4th:   If you have not prepaid for your Team fees, they will be automatically charged to your account on file on Monday, January 4th.   Per the Team Commitment Contract, any unpaid Team fees will receive an additional late fee of $25 per week. Please make sure your dancer’s Team fees are paid on time.  We are unable to register your dancer for all competitions unless your fees are paid in full.  

Madison Competition Update: – Unfortunately Starpower has consolidated their competitions and has canceled our Madison Competition.  We will be attending Groove in Milwaukee that same weekend of April 30th-May 2nd.  ***Please note that the Groove website says the Milwaukee Competition is sold out however we had already reserved our spot as soon as Starpower informed us.  The Team Calendar has been updated to reflect this change.  

Nationals Update:  We are still waiting to see what evolves in January before we move forward with an official Nationals plan.  From our previous survey, our plan is to attend Pigeon Forge, TN July 9th-14th (Rainbow) with a back-up plan of Wisconsin Dells, July 6th-10th (Starpower).  Even though we would not be attending a Starpower competition, they would still allow us to register due to their company canceling the Madison event.  More information will be available in February.  ***Please note some dates have slightly changed from our original survey due to scheduling from the competition.

Lock-In Update:  Unfortunately we will cancel our lock-in due to Covid.  We want to keep everyone as safe as possible as we enter competition season.

Required VIRTUAL Parent Meeting:  Saturday, February 13th TBD

Additional Nude Masks: Everyone was given a nude mask to wear for APA Showcases and Competitions.  This is part of your student’s costume so please keep this in a safe place inside of a Ziploc bag.  IF anyone wants to purchase an extra mask to have on-hand the cost is $15 plus tax.  If you lose or damage your mask, you will be charged $15 plus tax for a new one. Please complete this form by 1/12/21 if you are interested.  Nude Mask Order Form

Jewelry/Hairpieces:  Please check to make sure your student has both earrings and their hair barrettes after our Showcase.  If you need to order more, please email Miss Alyssa at [email protected] by 1/12/21.

Attendance Requirement Reminder:  Just a friendly reminder in regards to the Team Commitment Contract that everyone signed at the registration appointments with Miss Sarah: It is mandatory for every dancer to attend and dance in the last rehearsal and tech classes before a competition. If they do not attend or are unable to dance in the rehearsal before a competition, the teachers will NOT place the student in the routine for that particular competition. Our teachers will adjust the formations at the last rehearsal before a competition if someone does not attend or has an injury. The dancer is still required to attend the competition and support their Team. If you are not able to compete, we are unable to give refunds for competitions since these fees are paid in advance.   

Approved Absences Reminder: Please be mindful of the notice you give for an excused absence.  You must complete the absence form, which can be found on the Team portion of the APA website or at the beginning of each newsletter. We will be adhering strictly to the policy stated in our Team Commitment Contract and cannot guarantee an absence will be excused (even if they fall within the excused categories in the contract) if Miss Alyssa is not notified via email ([email protected]) a minimum of 30 days in advance. Here is the policy from the Team Contract: “Absences are not accumulated for school events that are GRADE-dependent and must be communicated No Later Than 1 month in advance for approval. Non-graded and extracurricular activities through school are not considered grade-dependent events and accrue an allotted absence. You must consider your commitments and work-load prior to joining an APA Team for the full season. Also, Conflicts due to religious obligations must be communicated NLT 1 month in advance and alternate arrangements made when applicable.” 

Extra Practice Space Rentals:  If you are interested in renting space for your student to practice at APA click HERE for details and availability.

APA Team Dancer of the Month:  Molly Bass

Congratulations to Molly Bass!  Molly is ten years old and attends Golda Meir Elementary School. Molly’s favorite color is yellow and her favorite subject is Math. When she’s not in school she’s working hard in the studio or enjoying a game of golf! Molly’s favorite style of dance is Jazz and she hopes to become stronger this season in her technique training and to have fun!

Molly loves to travel to Walt Disney World, watch her favorite movie The Greatest Showman, and wishes to go to the moon someday!   When Molly grows up she hopes to be an Astronaut! Molly is most grateful for her family and friends!

Miss Danielle nominated Molly for these reasons… 

Molly has been a joy to teach and I feel thankful that she’s on one of my teams.  I can never be in a bad mood when I am around her because she is so positive and is such a hard worker and truly cares about becoming a better, more intelligent dancer but also an amazing young person.

Way to go, Molly!

General APA Announcements for ALL FAMILIES:

Winter Dance Showcase DVD’s:  If you purchased a DVD, we will contact you when the orders have arrived at APA.  Please expect this in mid to late January.   DVD order forms were due to Zaker Video by December 31st.  If you are still interested in purchasing one, please email them directly at [email protected] to see if you can still add on.

Give the Gift of Dance:   We’re excited to bring you a new way to give the gift of dance lessons to someone you know to group classes with openings!  We have FREE gift cards for you to grab at the front desk and GIFT to someone who is not currently attending APA.   This gift card gives them a full month of dance classes (group classes only, up to $64 value) at no cost to them.   All you need to do is write your name and theirs on the back of the gift card and give it to them.   They can call us, stop by either location, or go online to register for the dance class of their choice.   *Please make sure to have them mention they have a gift card promotion* If they choose to register after the free month and are enrolled for 2 months you both will be eligible for the APA referral program credit!  They must be enrolled by January 15th, 2021 and this offer is for new students only.   

License Plate Winner: Congrats to license plate JK6563.  One of our staff members spotted your APA window sticker while driving!  Please contact the front desk so we know who you are and you will receive a $50 tuition credit.  To participate, grab a FREE APA window sticker at the desk!  

Referral Program:  Share us with a friend!  When a new family registers and mentions your name, you EACH will receive a $50 tuition voucher. The voucher will be mailed out after 2 months of paid enrollment and there is no limit to the number of families you can refer!

Snow Days:  APA will decide if we will remain open during a snow/ice storm.  We use the Oak Creek School District’s verdict as a guideline.  An email will be sent to all families by 3 pm if we decide to close Monday-Friday or by 8 am on Saturdays.  To receive updates, weather closures, and delays, please opt in by texting ACADEMY to 77948. Even if you agreed to texts at registration, you still need to opt in using the instructions above. We will post weather closures on Fox 6, as well as on our Facebook page. We will be live streaming all of our classes for students to participate from home.  If this option does not work for your family, we will allow you to attend any group class the following week as a make-up.  Please contact the front desk to schedule this.  

Cold Weather Reminder: To aid in injury prevention it is important that dancers’ bodies are warm when they come to class.  Per the Team Contract, competitive dancers are required to wear layers to and from dance class. Even though they may feel hot after dance class, it is important for their health to wear pants or leggings and a jacket. 

Facebook & Instagram: Interact with APA on social media! We have fun contests, photos from classes, and more on both our Facebook and Instagram pages. Click here to join us on Facebook and here to follow us on Instagram. STAY TUNED! 

Member Accounts: There is a Member Log-in area on our website  where you can see what your account has been charged, enroll in classes, etc.  Every family has its own account. Your username is the email address you gave us. If you need to update your email address, please contact us.

Spring Dance Showcase & Rehearsal Times:  will be available in April due to the on-going changes of COVID-19.  Rehearsals are tentatively set for Tuesday, June 15th – Thursday, June 17th at the South Milwaukee PAC.  Our shows are scheduled for Friday, June 18th, and Saturday, June 19th.

Team Music: available on our Team App! You can download it right from there, or request to have music emailed so they can practice at home. Please email us at [email protected] and we will send you a link to a digital file if you need it.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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