Team Newsletter – January 2020

[vc_row enable_arrows_animation=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]Happy New Year – We are so happy to have you with us in 2020! 


We hope you had a very Happy Holiday!  Classes will resume on Friday, January 3rd (no acro this day).  Our December performances were great and we cannot wait for our competition season to kick off! We are so proud of our students for what they have learned in a few months. Everyone did a fantastic job! Make sure to check out our Facebook page to see all of our pictures from performances, as well as other photos people have posted or tagged us in.    

Please call or email us if you have any questions.    


Winter Break: APA is closed Sunday, December 22nd – Thursday, January 2nd.   Classes resume on Friday, January 3rd but there will NOT be Acro classes this day as emailed. 

Team Fees Due Thursday, January 2nd  If you have not prepaid for your Team fees, they will be automatically charged to your account on file on Thursday, January 2nd.   Per the Team Commitment Contract, any unpaid Team fees will receive an additional late fee of $25 per week. Please make sure your dancer’s Team fees are paid on time.  We are unable to register your dancer for all competitions unless your fees are paid in full.   

Snow Days: APA will decide if we will remain open during a snow/ice storm.  We use the Oak Creek School District’s verdict as a guideline.  An email will be sent to all families by 3pm if we decide to close Monday-Friday or by 8am on Saturdays.  To receive updates, weather closures, and delays, please opt in by texting ACADEMY to 77948. Even if you agreed to texts at registration, you still need to opt in using the instructions above. We will post on Fox 6, as well as on our Facebook page. Because this is completely out of our control, we cannot provide make up lessons for each class, however, we will allow you to attend any group class the following week as a make-up. Please stop by the front desk to schedule.   

Costume Checklist: Miss Sarah has created a costume checklist for all Teams. Please click here to access it. It should be used to pack for all competitions, and when leaving all competitions, to ensure your dancer has everything they need. This can also be accessed on the Team App under “Documents.” 

Attendance Requirement Reminder:  Just a friendly reminder in regards to the Team Commitment Contract that everyone signed at the registration appointments with Miss Sarah: It is mandatory for every dancer to attend and dance in the last rehearsal and tech classes before a competition. If they do not attend or are unable to dance in the rehearsal before a competition, the teachers will NOT place the student in the routine for that particular competition. Our teachers will adjust the formations at the last rehearsal before a competition if someone does not attend or has an injury. The dancer is still required to attend the competition and support their Team. If you are not able to compete, we are unable to give refunds for competitions since these fees are paid in advance.    

Approved Absences Reminder: Please be mindful of the notice you give for an excused absence.  You must complete the absence form, which can be found on the Team portion of the APA website. We will be adhering strictly to the policy stated in our Team Commitment Contract and cannot guarantee an absence will be excused (even if they fall within the excused categories in the contract) if Miss Trisha is not notified via email ([email protected]) a minimum of 30 days in advance. Here is the policy from the Team Contract: Absences are not accumulated for school events that are GRADE-dependent and must be communicated No Later Than 1 month in advance for approval. Non-graded and extracurricular activities through school are not considered grade-dependent events and accrue an allotted absence. You must consider your commitments and work-load prior to joining an APA Team for the full season. Also, Conflicts due to religious obligations must be communicated NLT 1 month in advance and alternate arrangements made when applicable.”  

Team Dancers of the Month: 

Congratulations to Mini/Petite dancer of the month, Kirsa Schoenike 

Kirsa is a 6th grader and South Milwaukee Middle School and has been dancing on our teams for 5 years! This year she’s dancing with Petite Pink Jazz, Junior Tap, and Petite Junior Hip Hop and Poms, plus Production – holy smokes, she’s a dancing machine. Her favorite subject in school is Language Arts, likes the color purple, and eating chicken (cooked ones, I’m sure). Kirsa’s fav dessert is chocolate chip cookies and loves the jazz style the most. Her mom and dad are her heroes and she’s looking forward to the new competitions we’re attending this year. Miss Sarah nominated Kirsa because she shows consistent effort to improve in class and pays attention. Her willingness to accept new challenges and desire to grow shines through, and she is looking forward to seeing her blossom as a dancer. Congrats Kirsa! 


Congratulations to our Junior/Teen/Senior dancer of the month, Sophia Cialdini 

This month we are celebrating Miss Sophia, who is in the 7th grade at Oak Creek West Middle School. Her favorite subject is math (a gal after Miss Sarah’s heart it seems), and enjoys eating pasta and pizza. Plus, Sophia’s favorite dessert is cannolis… sounds like she’d be on cloud nine in Italy. Her mom and dad are her heroes, and we are sure they’ll enjoy watching her compete on teams for the 4th year! Sophia is dancing us into the new decade on the Teen Pink Jazz, Teen Lyrical, and Teen Poms teams. She’s most looking forward to developing her technical skills in all dance styles – and that’s actually part of the reason Miss Sarah chose her this month! Sophia shows dedication and effort in class without fail. She can be counted on to practice, know choreography, and often asks for feedback about where she can improve. Miss Sarah was also very proud she was able to step in last minute at the Tree Lighting and learn her new counts right there in the tent before they performed! All of our coaches have enjoyed watching Sophia grow into a more confident, well-rounded dancer. Congratulations Sophia! 


Required Competition Kick Off Lock-In / Bonding Event AND Mandatory Parent Meeting: Please save the date February 7th – 8th.  Times are outlined below. Pre-Team and Mini Hip Hop will not sleep over.  Parent meeting will be at 8am, Saturday February 8th. 

  • Mini Jazz/Tap and Mini Hip Hop:  6:30-8pm ONLY with Miss Jessie, Miss Alyse, and Mini assistants. We will serve pizza and juice. NEW: You will need a water bottle to serve as a cup for all beverages this year – due to the HUGE waste of cups in previous years, causing pain to Miss Sarah’s heart and the environment, we are not providing cups. 
  • All other teams:  Arrive at 8pm 
  • What to bring: Pillow and sleeping bag or blankets, PJ’s, change of clothes and hygiene items (dance clothes and shoes not needed for this one), water bottles (there will be NO cups), money for vending machine snacks (optional), and dance clothes if they have Production practice in the morning. 
  • APA will be providing soda and pizza when students arrive. We will also provide muffins and fruit for the morning when students wake up. 
  • Activities for the night:  Team bonding games, watch a movie, and “sleep.” Younger dancers on our Petite-level Teams will have a set sleep-time. There is an early-sleepers room, so those who want to go to bed with less noise can do so in studio A. 
  • Mandatory Parent Meeting will start at 8am on Saturday morning in Studio B. Dancers are encouraged to stay as well unless they have assisting responsibilities. Due to limited number of chairs and benches, dancers will need to sit on the floor. This meeting will go over what to expect for the competition season and answer your questions about what it’s like, how information will be put out, etc. 
  • Pick up immediately follows the parent meeting if you do not have practice. 
  • There is NOT production practice after the lock in this year. Production Practice is on January 25th and February 22nd. Please note on February 22nd it is until 11am. The team calendar has the correct information.


Bring a Friend Week:  January 13th – 18th:  This is only for our recreational and technique classes. We are excluding all rehearsals. If you need an invite for your recreational class, please see the front desk.    

Spring Showcase Qualifiers (Solos/Duos/Trios):  Solo/Duet dancers that compete this competition season may qualify to perform in our Spring Showcases. Again this season, qualifiers are chosen by, but not limited to, scores at competitions, progress made during lessons throughout the season, work ethic, etc.  Our selection team is committed to a fair evaluation of all performances but all decisions are final.  Should someone choose not to, or be unable to perform in the Showcase, an alternate invitation may be offered. Even if a dancer is not selected to perform, we at APA believe there is value and growth in the time spent and new experiences gained for each performer. APA has increased the number of recreational classes this past year so we cannot guarantee there will be a spot for each solo/duet routine.      

Hair and Makeup Review:  Overall, the hair and makeup looked alright and is getting better than previous years, but is still a little under par. We will discuss this in more detail at the February Parent Meeting, but generally speaking, hair is not always polished enough, placed correctly, and makeup is under-done. Older dancers included, you need to push beyond what looks normal or even nice in person. Stage makeup is exaggerated, so please follow all the instructions in the tutorial and use a heavier hand. 

UPCOMING Reminders…  

  • Competitive Fees charged 1/2/20  As previously stated this will be automatically charged to your account on file. Please remember we are unable to register your dancer for competitions until we receive all fees.  
  • Production Team – Rehearsal January 25th at the Oak Creek Location, 8am – 10am.  
  • TEAM Extra Rehearsals – Rehearsal January 25th at the Oak Creek Location, Click Here for Times 
  • Team Kick Off Lock In – February 7th and 8th. Please see details above 
  • Mandatory Parent Meeting – February 8th, 8am.  At the Oak Creek Location 

APA Logo Wear for Sale:  You can place orders from our online store from the 1st-10th of each month.  We do not have these items available at the studio. All orders will take 3-4 weeks after the store closing date and will be shipped for free to APA.  We will notify you when your items are available for pick-up.  Click here to order! 

License Plate Winner:  Congrats to license plate 596-XNG.  One of our staff members spotted your Academy window sticker while driving!  Please contact the front desk so we know who you are and you will receive a $50 tuition credit.  To participate, grab a FREE window sticker at the desk!  

Referral Program: Share us with a friend!  When a new family registers and mentions your name, you EACH will receive a $50 tuition voucher. The voucher will be mailed out after 2 months of paid enrollment and there is no limit to the number of families referred! 


  • Winter Dance Showcase DVD’s If you purchased a DVD, we will contact you when the orders are available at APA. Please expect this in mid to late January. DVD order forms were due to Zaker Video by December 31st. If you are still interested in purchasing one please email [email protected] to see if you can still add on.  
  • Showcase Costumes: We use the same costumes from our Winter show for our Spring show.  If you are transferring classes and the new class does not use the same costume, you would need to purchase a new costume.  
  • Spring Dance Showcase & Rehearsal Times:  *Will be available in February.  Rehearsals will be held at the South Milwaukee PAC Tuesday, June 16th-Thursday, June 18th. We will have one show on Friday, June 19th and five shows on Saturday, June 20th. 


 TEAM CALENDAR : Click Here to View 


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