Team Newsletter – September 2018


Welcome to our 2018-2019 Competitive Team Season!  We are so excited to have you joining us for another year!  I know that this will be another successful Competitive year!  Please read below for information on how to stay in contact with us throughout the year.  We are looking forward to seeing all the fantastic routines this year! 


Coaches and Staff: 

Miss Sarah: Dance Director and Coach for Teen Jazz & Lyrical, Senior Lyrical, Blue Team & Production 
Miss Jessie: Oak Creek Pre-Team, Petite Tap, Junior Tap, Junior Pink Jazz, Teen Tap and Production  
Miss Alyse: Mini Hip Hop, Petite/Jr Hip Hop, Teen Hip Hop, Petite Pink Jazz, Junior Lyrical & Production 
Miss Heather: Poms Superline 

Miss Danielle: Petite Green Jazz, Petite Lyrical, Junior/Teen Green Jazz 
Miss Trisha: “Go To” staff member for any questions you have. Her email is [email protected] 

How to connect with Team updates: We primarily communicate through our monthly newsletters.  Here are other ways to get updates:  

Team Website:    The password is dance2019 

Team Facebook: If you are not a member, please email Miss Trisha with your email that is connected to your facebook account.   

Team App: For all smartphones:  Download the Team App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  Then search for APA Dance Team by pressing the ‘ +’  in the top right of the app and join.  

Absences: As we continue to grow and evolve so do our policies.  Please remember we have updated our attendance policy for this competition season (September through June).  All parents and dancers have signed our Team commitment agreement and should be aware of these changes.  For details on our attendance policy please view the team commitment contract

October Choreography Camp Dates: Make sure to mark your calendars for the October Choreography Camps.  Click below to see the October dates and times.  Please note all camps are at the Oak Creek location. 

Hair and Makeup: Team students are required to wear their hair and make-up a certain way for most events.  On our team website, we will have instructional videos for how to do performance hair and make-up by December. Due to parents’ schedules and dancers’ schedules, we understand it can be difficult to have hair and makeup checked during parent observation week.  We are going to have Miss Sarah check everyone’s hair and makeup at the winter showcase. Click here for hair and makeup videos. 

Rehearsal, Technique and Leveled Ballet Dress Code: Solid black leo, pink tights for ballet, tan tights for tech/rehearsals (unless you want to leave them on from ballet class), appropriate shoes, and hair pulled back into a bun (hip alignment belts for ballet). Hip Hop and Tap classes (tech and rehearsals): dancers may wear their hair in a pony tail instead of a bun if they would like. Jazz, Lyrical, Poms, Tap and Hip Hop may wear spandex/form fitting solid black shorts or leggings (Hip Hop and Tap) to rehearsals and tech classes.  If you have ballet and a rehearsal on the same evening, you must be in ballet dress code for that class regardless. 

Team Pictures: Casual Team pictures for our Team bulletin boards will be taken during rehearsals the first two weeks of regular classes.  

Tuition Automatic Payments: Payments will occur on the 15th of every month starting with September 15th and your last payment will be on May 15th.  Please remember we do not pro-rate tuition for months with fewer classes.  This is a 10 month program that we divide into 10 equal payments.  

Additional Automatic Payments:  On September 26th you will be automatically charged for costumes and on January 1st you will be charged for the Team competition fees. The exact amount for competition fees will not be determined until November when the competition prices are finalized by each individual company.  However, it will be approximately, $360 for the 1st team routine and $225 for each additional Team Routine. If you are in any recreational class, or in a Technique ballet class we will automatically charge your account for this costume UNLESS you tell us your child would not like to perform with those classes. 

Solos/Duets/Trios/Small Groups:  If you are interested in competing with a solo, duet, trio or small group routine in addition to your team classes, please email Miss Trisha at [email protected] by September 15th if you have not done so already. 

Team competitions/events 2018-2019 

Bring a Friend Week: Our teams are working hard on finishing and cleaning their routines.  Friends are not allowed to participate or attend any rehearsal or tech classes. 

Member Accounts:  On our website there is a member log-in area where every family has their own account.  You can see what your account has been charged, enroll in classes, etc… Your user name is the email address you gave us.  If you need to update your email address, please contact us.   New this year: You can log in and see your dancers attendance for each class! 

OPTIONAL Kringle Fundraiser: Earn money off tuition!  Earn money for your individual studio account to be put towards tuition, apparel, costumes and more!  The fundraiser ends on Tuesday, October 2nd.  Forms will be handed out during the first week of class and extra copies will be available at our front desk.  

Yard Sign Contest: Our yard sign contest will continue through October.  Grab a yard sign from our lobby and place it in your front yard.  SEPTEMBER is DOUBLE CREDIT MONTH! The September winner will receive $100 tuition credit! 

License Plate Winner:  Congrats to license plate 142-YJJ.  One of our staff members spotted your Academy window sticker while driving!  Please contact the front desk so we know who you are and you will receive a $50 tuition credit.  To participate, grab a FREE window sticker at the desk!   

Coats for Kids: APA is proud to be participating in Coats For Kids again this year!   Donations will be accepted in the upcoming months.  Please start checking your closets for coats that can be donated to those in need of these items in the harsh Wisconsin winter weather.   All sizes are needed.   

Trunk or Treat: Save the date for our 5th Annual Truck or Treat Event!  This year we will have Trunk or Treat held at both our Oak Creek and Franklin locations on Sunday, October 21st.   Registrations will have specific time slots.   We have lots of new surprises this year for attendees!    Click here for details.    Registration will open at the end of September!   If you are a business interested in hosting a trunk for free please email Rachel at [email protected]     

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