Teams Newsletter: April 2021

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April Team Newsletter 2021

April will be a busy month for our Competitive Teams as we dive into more competitions.  Per usual, we will email the week of the competition with the final details.  It is extremely important that you read over all of the details as Covid procedures will vary for each competition.

Spring Break for BOTH Locations:  APA will be closed Monday, March 29th – Sunday, April 4th Classes will resume on Monday, April 5th!

Important Documents for your reference:  (please click on each link to view)

2020-2021 APA Team Calendar (this is a live document and is updated often)
2020-2021 Payments
Competitive Team Costume Checklist – Also available on our Team App!
Previous National Documents

Absence Form – This will be checked every Monday.  If the absence is not entered by Monday morning please still complete the form, but call as well so we can notify the teacher.  To be considered for an excused absence please make sure to complete the form no later than 30 days prior to the absence.

All Events on the Event Calendar are required unless otherwise stated. If you are unable to attend an event you will need to complete the Team Absence Form located on the Team website. Miss Alyssa will communicate with Miss Sarah M. to see if it could be excused. Each will be considered on an individual basis.

More Important Info for You To Know:  

Notes for Inferno Competition April 16th-18th: 
APA feels that as long as the state mandate is in place students will be required to wear masks on stage for group performances regardless of what the competition is allowing.  At the last competition, we received feedback both good and bad from our parents about wearing the masks on stage for group performances.  We are looking for parent feedback so please complete this form below after reading our Team Banquet information.

Please remind your students when they are back-stage to keep their masks at all times.  We want to make sure all of our families feel comfortable as we know everyone’s comfort levels are different.  Our teachers are back-stage however with the block scheduling there is a lot going on for them to be reminding students of this.  Please help us by educating/informing your students that they need to keep their masks on at all times while in a group setting.

We also ask that you do NOT ask your teacher to take a picture with your mask off.  This can also put a teacher in a situation where they may not feel comfortable as well.

REMINDER: CALL TIME is when your dancer needs to arrive, in FULL Hair, makeup, costume, tights, shoes, as if they were about to walk on to the stage.

Team Banquet – Tuesday, May 25th @ Lake Vista Pavilion in Oak Creek – 5:30 pm-7:30 pm
We were able to rent the Lake Vista Pavilion (by Lake/Bender Park area).  This is an indoor/outdoor pavilion that allows us to open the garage/side doors and have students sit inside and outside of the pavilion (based upon weather conditions).  We feel this is a great option for our banquet instead of being in an enclosed space.  We were planning on having pizza delivered but wanted to see our parents’ thoughts because this would mean students would have to remove their masks.  Please complete this form below.  More details to follow as we get closer.

Masks/Banquet Input Form – complete by April 10th

EXTENDED Production Practices until the end of the Season:  We will be competing with Production at Nationals so we’ve decided to extend all of our practices until the end of the season.  All Production dates are set in your calendar for the rest of the season.  Production will be held 8 am-11 am on these dates.  The next Production practice is on Saturday, April 10th.
*Reminder that our Saturday extra practices for Teams have ended since we are entering competition season.

2021 APA T-shirts:  ALL of our students will receive one FREE t-shirt in June! IF any parents or siblings would like to purchase a shirt please visit  All orders are due by April 15th. The t-shirts are $20 plus tax, add $2 for 2XL or 3XL. T-shirts are unisex so they run bigger.  NEW OPTION FOR 2021 – Parents can purchase this as a “Fan of T-shirt”. Since this shirt will be personalized on the backside the cost is $30.  The back of the shirt would say “Fan of (your student’s name)”. Parent t-shirts will be available for pick up the last week of classes in June at your location.  Please watch your emails for this!

Kringle Fundraiser Everyone who participated in the Kringle Fundraiser will see their profit in their APA account before your 4/15 tuition payment.  This credit will automatically deduct off your 4/15 payment unless you tell us otherwise.  Pick-up for the fundraiser will be at the location that you dropped off your form.  Our Franklin pick-up will be on Thursday, April 15th, 3:00 PM-6:30 PM, and our Oak Creek pick-up will be on Friday, April 16th, 3:30 PM-6:30 PM.

SAVE THE DATE – Competitive Team Auditions for 2021-2022 Teams:  Auditions will be held the weekend of May 15th-16th. More information will be available on April 10th.  Our program structure will be very similar to this year based upon enrollment numbers.

Pom/Dance Audition Prep Classes:  Is your dancer looking to prepare for middle/high school Pom tryouts or be a part of APA Competitive Teams?  Register for one of our workshops below.  Dancers will be working on jumps/turns, choreography combos, and technique training.  

Dance Workshop w/ Miss Sarah McClure for Grades 2nd-Up (2 different age groups below)

Sunday, April 25th @ Oak Creek – APA

***Current Team Students:  please register based upon what current teams you are on.  If you are on both Petite and Junior teams, register with the Junior group.
Petites (Ages 7-10) 1pm-2:30pm  Register HERE
Juniors/Teens (Ages 10+)  2:30pm-4pm  Register HERE
Cost:  $30

Team Evals:  Our teachers are starting to work on students’ evals in the classroom.  The website to view these would be on  When your student joins an APA Team, you should have received your login information.  IF you do NOT have your login, please email [email protected] so Miss Alyssa can tell you what your information is.  Returning members, your login information does not change from year to year.  ***If your students’ information has not been entered yet, please keep checking back as they complete throughout April.

Nationals Update:  At this time there has been no new information on Nationals.  We will be checking with Rainbow often and will update you when we hear anything.  In the meantime, all of the documents that were already sent out can be found at the top of this newsletter.

Nationals PAYMENT DUE MAY 1st:  As previously stated, your Nationals fees will be due by May 1st.  Click HERE to view the amounts.  APA will automatically charge your accounts on file on Saturday, May 1st unless you listed your student as not attending.  IF you wish to pay with a different form of payment, please pay by Friday, April 30th.  ***Rainbow Competition is May 7th-9th.  If we end up NOT qualifying for a group or solo routine, we would be reimbursed.

Team Instagram: Reminder! The Team Instagram, @apateams, is where you will find photos of the dancers, competition results, and behind-the-scenes clips! 

Extra Practice Space Rentals:  If you are interested in renting space for your student to practice at APA click HERE for details and availability.

APA Team Dancer of the Month:  Congratulations goes to Paige Thibodeau our April Student of the Month! 

Paige is 10 years old and currently in 5th grade at Edgewood Elementary. Her favorite subject in school is Social Studies and her favorite style of dance is Jazz! She is hoping to accomplish her Ariel this season and continue to grow in her dance training. Paige has many favorites in life such as delicious Ravioli and Macaroons,  Springtime, the color purple and the movie Tangled. When Paige grows up she wants to be a Child Counselor. In her spare time, Paige enjoyed hanging with her family and friends! 

Mr. Garrett selected Paige for these reasons…
“Paige is always on time for her classes/rehearsals and those she assists ready to go and prepared. She continues to push herself and her growth this season has shown in both classes/rehearsals.  I never see Paige without a smile on her face and always carries herself with a “can do” attitude that every instructor can appreciate. I can’t say that I know very many kids that show the kind of respect Paige shows not only towards faculty but towards her peers and others alike around the studio.

Paige is an assistant of mine and she has such great patience and care for those younger students. She assists to help with those students individually when going over challenging movements. You can see the admiration those students, as well as the younger students on APA’s Competition Team, have for her in and out of the classroom.  On top of everything else listed above Paige just always puts her best foot forward and gives it her all in everything she does when it comes to technique, rehearsals, assisting, and pushing herself to achieve her goals. She should be acknowledged for how she holds herself and for being a great student as well as a young individual that shows great promise in her generation. Very proud of her.”

***More information will be updated by May 1st.

Competitive Teams Routines will NOT have a dress rehearsal since they have been competing with their routines all year.  Our Teams WILL have a picture day at APA’s Oak Creek location on Tuesday, June 15th.  Pictures will be taken during the day starting around 12:30 pm.  Age groups will receive a time block closer to this date of what time they need to arrive. 

Tech Ballet Classes:  These classes will have dress rehearsals/pictures at APA’s Oak Creek location on Tuesday, June 15th, or Wednesday, June 16th.  Please look at our Showcase Index to get your correct day/time.

Competitive Team Showcase:  Wednesday, June 16th @ SMPAC 7:00 pm
This show will include ALL Competitive Team routines, Tech Ballet routines & Acro Level 2.  Normally, in addition to the Team Show, Teams and Tech Ballet perform throughout our Spring Showcases mixed with our recreational classes however our Spring Showcases will be mini shows just like winter.  Both Acro levels will still perform in 2 shows on Saturday, June 19th.
*Tech Ballet classes that have rehearsals at OC on June 16th, will have time to leave OC and head to SMPAC.

Details listed below are for students who are also enrolled in recreational dance classes as well.

Spring RECREATIONAL Dance Showcase Rehearsal Location:  Due to Covid, we will be having our dress rehearsals and picture day at our APA Oak Creek location from Tuesday, June 15th-Thursday, June 17th.  With the number of students and families that we would have coming and going at different times, it would be too hard to sanitize the seats in between.  In addition, with the large space, it would be difficult for our staff to monitor students to maintain social distancing while students wait for their pictures.  

Using our Oak Creek location will provide a smaller contained area for our staff to monitor our students.  We would continue to have a closed lobby and have students enter through our front door and have parents waiting by the back door for students to exit.  Students will still have time to run through their routines a few times and then immediately head to another studio room for their pictures to be professionally taken by Empire Photography.

Spring Dance Showcase @ South Milwaukee PAC:  Our Shows are scheduled for Friday, June 18th, and Saturday, June 19th.

For those of you who had their students perform in our Winter Mini Shows, our Spring Shows will have the same flow on how this will work to put on a safe performance for our students and spectators.  The only difference will be that our classes will only perform their routine on stage 1 time since we have a lot of combo classes that have more than 1 style to perform.  

Spring Dance Showcase & Rehearsal Times – click HERE (there are tabs on the bottom for each location and Teams)

***Ticket sales will occur in mid-May.  We will also have a volunteer parent sign-up available for anyone who wants to help chaperone students backstage.

For a full list of details for our Spring Showcase please click here: 

General APA Announcements for ALL FAMILIES:

License Plate Winner: Congrats to license plate 319-VWJ.  One of our staff members spotted your APA window sticker while driving!  Please contact the front desk so we know who you are and you will receive a $50 tuition credit.  To participate, grab a FREE APA window sticker at the desk! 

Referral Program:  Share us with a friend!  When a new family registers and mentions your name, you EACH will receive a $50 tuition voucher. The voucher will be mailed out after 2 months of paid enrollment and there is no limit to the number of families you can refer!

Facebook & Instagram: Interact with APA on social media! We have fun contests, photos from classes, and more on both our Facebook and Instagram pages. Click here to join us on Facebook and here to follow us on Instagram!

Member Accounts: There is a Member Log-in area on our website  where you can see what your account has been charged, enroll in classes, etc.  Every family has their own account. Your username is the email address you gave us. If you need to update your email address, please contact us.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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