Teams Newsletter: May 2021

[vc_row enable_arrows_animation=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]The past few weekends have been extremely busy with competitions.  We are so excited to see our dancers back competing. Our dancers have been doing amazing and we are excited for 1 last competition before  Nationals.  Thank you for all of your support and following covid guidelines at each competition.

Important Documents for your reference:  (please click on each link to view)

2020-2021 APA Team Calendar (this is a live document and is updated often)
2020-2021 Payments
Competitive Team Costume Checklist – Also available on our Team App!
Previous National Documents
Absence Form – This will be checked every Monday. If the absence is not entered by Monday morning please still complete the form, but call as well so we can notify the teacher.  To be considered for an excused absence please make sure to complete the form no later than 30 days prior to the absence.

All Events on the Event Calendar are required unless otherwise stated. If you are unable to attend an event you will need to complete the Team Absence Form located on the Team website. Miss Alyssa will communicate with Miss Sarah M. to see if it could be excused. Each will be considered on an individual basis.

Reminder: The first week of May is Color Week! We want our dancers to get excited for our Rainbow Competition which is the weekend of May 7th-9th.  Competitive dancers may wear colorful leotards to their tech and rehearsal classes this week. APA will be performing on Sunday, May 9th in the afternoon.  Times will be announced this week!

More Important Info for You To Know:  

New Front Desk Staff: Miss Laura, who worked the front desk in Franklin, received an opportunity to work at her dream job that she could not pass up.  We recently hired a new employee Miss Alyssa, who will be taking over for her. This means we currently have 2 Alyssa’s that are working at the front desk.  Miss Alyssa Pearson is currently our Team Coordinator/Office Manager and Miss Alyssa Arnold is our new staff member. If you call with a Team question, please make sure to ask for Alyssa, the Team Coordinator so you get the correct staff member.

Competitive Team Auditions for 2021-2022 Teams: Auditions will be held the weekend of May 15th-16th. Our program structure will be very similar to this year based upon enrollment numbers. Please click HERE to view all of the details and registration form. Registration cut-off was May 1st so please make sure to complete this ASAP.

Team Banquet – Tuesday, May 25th @ Lake Vista Pavilion in Oak Creek – 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
We were able to rent the Lake Vista Pavilion (by Lake/Bender Park area). This is an indoor/outdoor pavilion that allows us to open the garage/side doors and have students sit inside and outside of the pavilion (based upon weather conditions). We feel this is a great option for our banquet instead of being in an enclosed space. Pizza, drinks, and cupcakes will be served.  

Parents are not allowed to stay as we want this to be a Team bonding event. In the past, students have dressed up for this banquet however please take into consideration the temperature and have your student dress appropriately since this is an indoor/outdoor pavilion and right on the lake. Our staff will be taking photos and parents are welcome to attend starting at 7:20 p.m. 

Memorial Day Weekend –  We will have regular classes through Saturday, May 29th. We WILL be closed Sunday, May 30th, and Monday, May 31st for Memorial Day.

Nationals Update:  You can check out this website for the host hotel information by clicking HERE. Rainbow notified us that by mid-May, they will give us an idea of what the performance schedule will be.  As soon as we receive this, we will email everyone.

Nationals PAYMENT CHARGED MAY 1st:  As previously stated, your Nationals fees were charged TODAY, May 1st. ***Rainbow Competition is May 7th-9th. If we end up NOT qualifying for a group or solo routine, we would be reimbursed.

Team Evals: Our teachers are almost done with evals. The website to view these would be on When your student joins an APA Team, you should have received your login information. IF you do NOT have your login, please email [email protected] so Miss Alyssa can tell you what your information is. Returning members, your login information does not change from year to year.  ***If your students’ information has not been entered yet, please keep checking back.

Parade Sign-ups:  Due to Covid, we do not want to require our students to walk in any of our parades if they do not feel comfortable. This is optional so please fill out our survey on what your student would be doing IF your student is returning to Teams and IF the parades happen.  We are only opening this up to our Team students to limit our group size. We are waiting to hear more details from the city.  Parade Survey

Summer Private Lessons: If you are interested in setting up private lessons for our Summer session, please email [email protected] to let Miss Alyssa know. Times are going to be very limited and requested teachers are not guaranteed. Reminder:  solo, duet, or any routines are not allowed to start in the Summer session.

APA Team Dancer of the Month: Congratulations goes to Madison Fischer, our May Student of the Month! 

Madison is currently 11-years-old and attends Muskego Lakes Middle School. Her favorite subject is Art and when she grows up she hopes to be a school teacher and dance instructor. She even choreographs dances in her free time! Madison likes both Tap and Jazz best and is working hard on consistently nailing her double turn this season. Some of Madison’s favorite things are Mac & Cheese, the color teal, the movie Pitch Perfect, and Summertime! 

Ms. Danielle nominated Madison for these reasons:

This is Madison’s 2nd year on teams and I’m so proud of the young dancer and person she is becoming.  Her confidence in herself has improved greatly from the quiet, shy girl who mostly stood in the back of class last year rarely talking to anybody.  This year she stands in the front, speaks up if she needs something clarified or has a question, and pushes herself in each and every class. In classes where there are dancers older than her, she challenges herself to dance and carry herself on that level. Madison is always willing to help out if needed and asks what she can do. If the attendance needs to be taken or the mirrors need to be cleaned, Madison offers to do that. I love having Madison in class and am so excited to see where the next year and beyond take her both in dance and any other interests she has.


Competitive Teams Routines will NOT have a dress rehearsal since they have been competing with their routines all year.  Our Teams WILL have a picture day at APA’s Oak Creek location on Tuesday, June 15th.  Pictures will be taken during the day starting around 12:30 p.m. Age groups will receive a time block closer to this date of what time they need to arrive. 

Tech Ballet Classes:  These classes will have dress rehearsals/pictures at APA’s Oak Creek location on Tuesday, June 15th, or Wednesday, June 16th. Please look at our Showcase Index to get your correct day/time.

Competitive Team Showcase:  Wednesday, June 16th @ SMPAC 7:00 p.m.
This show will include ALL Competitive Team routines, Tech Ballet routines & Acro Level 2. Normally, in addition to the Team Show, Teams and Tech Ballet perform throughout our Spring Showcases mixed with our recreational classes however our Spring Showcases will be mini shows just like winter. Both Acro levels will still perform in 2 shows on Saturday, June 19th.  Unfortunately, our Team Showcase will not be videotaped however all of our families receive copies of the Rainbow Competition.
*Tech Ballet classes that have rehearsals at OC on June 16th, will have time to leave OC and head to SMPAC.

Details for recreational showcases can be found on our “All Families Newsletter” that was emailed out May 1st or on the website listed below.

Spring Dance Showcase & Rehearsal Times – click HERE (there are tabs on the bottom for each location and Teams)

Volunteers:  We are looking for parent volunteers to help us back-stage for our Recreational Showcases.  IF any Team parents will be at our rec shows and would like to volunteer back-stage, please click  HERE.   We will send a volunteer email the week of the Showcase with final instructions.  ***We are not asking for volunteers for our Team Showcase.

Tickets for Competitive Team Showcase: Cost is $15 per seat/per show that will be occupied.  ***Our recreational shows are $10 per ticket because they are mini-shows. If a younger child can sit on someone’s lap, they would not need a ticket but CANNOT occupy a seat.  Because we have to limit the number of seats per student, all tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE, with no exceptions. In order for us to put on these Shows, we need to make sure we can cover all of our rental costs. IF you want paper tickets mailed to your house there is a $1 mailing fee per order or you can print electronic tickets at home with no charge.  

Seating: All seating will be General Admission. For social distancing and spacing accommodations, general seating is our best option.

Ticket Sale Dates (up to 3 tickets per student – if capacity increases we will inform you): We split our sale dates into 2 dates listed below. Tickets will be available for purchase until Monday, May 31st.  Because this is general seating, even if you purchased 4 tickets the first round, your family will still be able to sit together if you purchase additional tickets starting June 1st when we open up the remaining seats.  ***Rec shows are able to have 4 tickets per student.

Monday, May 17th @ 10:00 a.m. – you can purchase tickets for the following shows:
Friday 6:15 p.m., Saturday 9:30 a.m., Saturday 10:30 a.m., Saturday 11:30 a.m.
Our Team Showcase on Wednesday, June 16th at 7:00 p.m. will also go on sale on this date.  

Tuesday, May 18th @ 10:00 a.m. – you can purchase tickets for the following shows:

Saturday 12:30 p.m., Saturday 1:30 p.m., Saturday 2:30 p.m., Saturday 3:30 p.m., Saturday 4:30 p.m..  

Ways to order Tickets at the South Milwaukee Box Office:
Online (preferred method)

Phone – (414) 766-5049 Hours are Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Remaining Tickets for Sale:  We will have any remaining tickets for each Show available on a first-come, first-serve basis starting Tuesday, June 1st. Because this is general seating, even if you purchased 3 tickets the first round, your family will still be able to sit together if you purchase more at this later date. 

For a full list of details for our Spring Showcase please click here: 

Fall Dance Assistant Applications – 

Fall Applications will be available in the June newsletter. Since we will need to know your dance schedule prior to giving your availability, the deadline will be after Team results come out. Please keep in mind the more flexibility and availability you have, the easier it is to schedule. Please make sure to review each application as there have been changes. Any assistant who commits to assisting a minimum of 1 class at the Franklin location will get priority scheduling!

Want to know more about what is expected when assisting? This article will answer many of your questions

General APA Announcements for ALL FAMILIES:

Yard Sign Contest –  Our yard sign contest is back!   Grab a yard sign from the lobby of either location and place it in your yard.  If we spot your house you could be our next tuition credit winner!   If you’re our lucky winner, you’ll receive a $50 tuition credit.  Winners are announced via Facebook.  You must comment on the post if it is your house that is the winner.  

License Plate Winner: Congrats to license plate ADX-8917.  One of our staff members spotted your APA window sticker while driving!  Please contact the front desk so we know who you are and you will receive a $50 tuition credit.  To participate, grab a FREE APA window sticker at the desk! 

Referral Program:  Share us with a friend!  When a new family registers and mentions your name, you EACH will receive a $50 tuition voucher. The voucher will be mailed out after 2 months of paid enrollment and there is no limit to the number of families you can refer!

Facebook & Instagram: Interact with APA on social media! We have fun contests, photos from classes, and more on both our Facebook and Instagram pages. Click here to join us on Facebook and here to follow us on Instagram!

Member Accounts: There is a Member Login area on our website where you can see what your account has been charged, enroll in classes, etc. Every family has its own account. Your username is the email address you gave us. If you need to update your email address, please contact us.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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