The Benefits of Learning an Instrument

Learning an instrument has many benefits for students of all ages.  It is never too late to start!  If you are already taking music lessons at APA, or if you are interested in signing up to learn an instrument with our teachers, here are a few reasons that a music education will greatly benefit you:

  • Music is good for the brain! It is one of the few activities that works your entire brain! 
  • Learning an instrument at a young age can help protect the brain against dementia.
  • Music improves learning, memory, reading, and mathematical skills.
  • Music reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Playing an instrument helps build confidence and encourages creativity!
  • Music Therapy can improve health outcomes for many people, including those with developmental and learning disabilities, people dealing with emotional trauma, brain injuries, physical injuries, and/or acute and chronic pain-to name just a few.
  • Playing an instrument is something you can do well into your later years in life! You may not be able to play a strenuous sport at age 80, but you will be able to play an instrument like piano, guitar, or violin. 
  • And bonus—music is FUN! It is a big part of all of our lives, from being a part of special events like weddings, graduations, birthday celebrations, to being an outlet for expressing our emotions. 

Whatever your reasons for learning an instrument, you can feel confident in knowing that music does a body good![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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