The Checklist Every Parent Needs for Back to School

As summer begins to slip away and the countdown for back to school starts, the list of tasks needing to be accomplished can seem endless for parents! 

Whether you’re shopping for back to school, scheduling dentist appointments, or just fitting in a few more family adventures, the list is NEVER ENDING and leaves most parents wondering where to start?

We know how important it is to start the year off on the right foot, so we have compiled our Top 10 Things Every Parent Must Do Before September. 

This list is sure to help narrow down what can seem like a mountain of to-do’s for parents to prepare their kids and themselves for a great start to a new season! 

Creating a Daily Routine Chart

Summers are made up of late-night movies, long days swimming and weekend trips up north! Leaving little time for a daily routine when everyday is a new adventure. 

Transitioning kids back into a scheduled routine can be a challenge, but when parents begin before September, kids have an easier time adjusting to the return of their school year schedule. 

And we’re not just talking about going to bed earlier…

Children thrive best in a routine environment; they know what to expect each day, whether it be morning, afternoon, or evening. 

Creating a daily routine chart can be greatly beneficial to both the parent and the child. Keeping everyone on the same page and prepped for the year ahead.

Keep the weekends Tech-FREE

Parents, we all know how much our children use and LOVE technology; and let’s be honest here we LOVE IT TOO! 

There’s nothing better than a long Saturday at the beach and a quiet evening with a movie marathon, Mario Kart Challenge, or a little tablet time before heading off the bed. 

But as the school year approaches and with so many districts starting the year virtually, now is the time to keep kiddos off the electronics on the weekends.

Soak up these last summer moments outdoors, playing with friends, making memories with the family, and enjoy all the carefree time you have left. 

Create a Responsibility Calendar

Just like with the Daily Routine Chart, creating a Responsibility Calendar is another tool designed to help children achieve success in their everyday tasks. With so many ways to customize this for each individual family, kids will learn to keep track of their responsibilities (chores, homework, after-school activities) independently! Keep this in a place where everyone in the family can view it and add incentives for when a task is completed! 

Make space for a Homework Hub 

Whether you are starting the year virtually or in-person, every household should have a Homework Hub! Designating a space either inside your house or on your back patio creates a focused area where kids can complete assignments, attend virtual lessons or just a quiet place to read and relax.

Register for Afterschool Activities

What better way to let kids be kids than signing them up for their favorite activity! After a long day of learning, kids are ready to move and groove! Socializing safely with their friends, accomplishing personal goals within that activity, and not to mention having FUN are just a few benefits of afterschool programs. 

Whether they’re heading to music lessons, cross country practice, or dance class, registering your child for a weekly activity is a must. 

Speaking of dance and music, have you registered for Fall classes yet? 

Don’t wait! Classes are filling up fast and spaces are limited to ensure a safe and healthy environment. 


Fall registration is OPEN and classes are filling up FAST! Click the link below for our current schedule for both Dance and Music! 

The Perfect Picture Outfit

Some students are returning to school in person, while others are staying virtual, but no matter how you’re learning this year EVERYONE needs a first day of school photo! Taking kids shopping to choose their own perfect outfit is a great way to spend time together and get excited for the year to come! 

Organize Summer/Fall Wardrobe 

Speaking of new school clothes now is the best time to organize your kids’ wardrobe to prepare for the new season! Sort through summer clothes and decide what will fit next summer and can be stored away and what needs to be donated. Making space for new school clothes and items for the coming winter months now will save you time later! 

Create Weekly Menus/Meal Prep

Whether you are a meal prepper and cook everything for the week on Sunday or you’re creating a new meal every day, making a weekly menu will help keep you organized in the kitchen! Planning out your meals for the week ahead gets kids excited for their favorite creations (especially if you’re virtually learning and now lunch and dinner are on the menu) and helps parents not have to search the pantry for something to eat. Plan out your weeks together as a family and shop for all ingredients ahead of time so when Wednesday rolls around and spaghetti is on the menu you’re ready to cook!  

Self-care Sunday 

Parents, we know how hard you work! Balancing both your professions and your family life is always a challenge and taking time to oneself isn’t always on the calendar. We suggest taking time on Sundays for a little Self-care. Take a long walk, read a great book or simply sit in silence. Let’s be real here, sometimes all we need is a little QUIET. However, you choose to unwind, be sure to take time before the busy school year begins to recharge. 

End of Summer Fiesta 

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with preparing for the start of September, be sure to take time to celebrate the end of Summer!

Have a small get-together with friends, take kiddos on a spontaneous road trip, or create a backyard Fiesta! 

Now that you’re prepared for September and your lists are complete, make time for one more family adventure to remember the fun of summer and recharge for the busy year ahead.

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