The Importance of Good Technique

For any musician, good technique is of utmost importance.  In the simplest terms, “technique” is the way in which we perform.  For a musician, that includes everything that we do with our body to create the sounds from our instrument.  One significant difference between a vocalist and instrumentalist, is the vocalist’s instrument IS the body.  However, for both vocalist and instrumentalist, how one performs directly affects the quality of the sound and the health of the performer.  In order to produce sound in the most efficient manner, the musician must have a good understanding of healthy technique. 

To better understand this, here are a few examples of how technique directly affects the performer:

  1. If a piano student understands how to play with loose wrists, and uses techniques like wrist bows and slur gestures, they can prevent any unnecessary tension and discomfort that comes with repetitive motion, and play with accurate expression.
  1. If a guitarist is aware of the proper way to hold their guitar, and good sitting posture, they can help avoid back pain. 
  1. If a vocalist knows the importance of good hydration and vocal rest, and can successfully warm up before performances, they can prevent things like vocal fatigue and voice cracks. 
  1. If a violinist understands how to properly stretch their neck, and hold their instrument while performing, they can prevent unnecessary neck pain.

Every instrument is different.  Your APA instructor possesses the specific knowledge and experience to guide you through learning how to perform your instrument in the most efficient and healthy way possible.  This includes an education on balanced posture, breathing specifically for your instrument, and skills and tips to create the expression needed for the pieces you are performing.  Your APA music teacher can identify areas that need improvement through observing and working with you one on one in lessons.  

With the help of your instructor and regular, consistent practice, your child can become a successful (and healthy!) musician.  😊 

Tiffany Sullivan

APA Music Director

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