The Three C’s that Every APA Performer Should Strive For!

Being a good performer involves more than talent and an impressive performance resume. It is defined by more than years of experience, awards, and accolades. At APA, we believe to be a truly great performer, one must possess qualities that go beyond the importance of skill, and what we can do for ourselves only.

The three C’S That every APA performer should strive for go hand in hand: Caring, Charity, and Community. 

Caring: feeling or showing concern for, or kindness to others.

Whether we are at home with our families, in our music lesson or dance class, or in school with our friends, we should always strive to be kind to those we come in contact with. A good rule of thumb is to treat others around you the way that you would want to be treated.Examples of how you can show that you care:

1.) Make the extra effort to say “hi” and smile at the new kid in your class, or at anyone you haven’t met in your class yet. It is harder for some people to take that first step to communicate, so do your best to make it easier for them.

2.) Take the time to congratulate your peers on a job well done, for things like performances,class speeches, or sports accomplishments.

3.) Compliment someone on their outfit, shoes, hair, etc. This is a great way to make others feel good about themselves and is a great conversation starter.

Charity: the voluntary giving of help to those in need. There are so many people that can use help from others to get through tough times. Giving up your time to help others not only benefits those in need, but it also makes you feel good. There is nothing quite like witnessing the joy we can bring to others. Examples of how you can give to those in need:

1.) Sign up for any volunteer opportunities at your school, church, APA, etc. Something as simple as buying canned food for a food drive can mean so much for those families in need.

2.) Instead of throwing out things like clothes, toys, household items that you don’t need anymore, save them and see if they can be donated to those in need.

3.) Help spread the word for any charity events to increase the chances that more people will help donate their goods and/or time.

Community: a feeling of fellowship with others. Instead of focusing on what is different about yourself and the people you come in contact with in everyday life, try focusing on your similarities. When you value everyone in your community, and you make the effort to support them, your community becomes stronger and provides you with a sense of belonging. As we all know, it feels good to feel like you belong and are valued.

Examples of how you can support your community:

1.) Attend events put on by your community. These events may help support charities, local businesses, or even a group that you are a member of.

2.) Volunteer your time at your local community center, library, animal shelter, etc.

3.) Clean up your neighborhood. Pick up trash around your home, in your subdivision, etc. This will help make your community a more pleasant place to live.

Remember, being agreatAPA performer is so much more than your skill level! At APA, we believe great performers must also possess the qualities of caring human beings.

Tiffany Sullivan

APA Music Director

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