What if you’re not sure your child is ready?

There is nothing like watching your child experience dance class for the first time. The excitement in their smile, the joy of moving to the beat and taking that small step of independence. 

There is also, naturally, a small fear that your tiny dancer will be nervous to leave you, rambunctious in a new space or just simply decides to stand still for the entire class. 

All-natural EXPRESSIONS! 

We as parents know that each child has their own individual personality and with that comes different ways they express themselves. 

Some may have trouble entering the room, while others may run in with enthusiasm. Some may dance the hour away and some take time to warm up to their surroundings and participate.  

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-day event offered for new students to experience dance class and participate in all the fun dance has to offer! 


Enter the Magic of APA Fall Into Dance!

On October 16th is a FREE APA Dance Day and this month’s theme is Fall Into Dance! We’re offering a mix of Pre-Ballet for ages 2.5-3, Ballet-Tap for ages 4-6, and Ballet/Jazz/Poms Samplers for ages 7-10!

The perfect event for dancers to try a new style, experience their first dance class, and participate in a Fall activity! 

Each student will receive an APA Tote Bag, a $20 APA gift card, AND a fall-themed prize at the end of class. If they love it, use that $20 off Fall tuition!

*October 16th is the LAST day to register for Fall Classes at APA, so if your child loves the class, be sure to register online or with the help of our staff right away.

Come experience all APA has to offer with this no-obligation event! To see our available event slots and save your spot, head HERE and register today!

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