Team Newsletter – April 2018

Classes resume Friday the 6th from our spring break.  We will have class on Friday, April 6th AND Saturday, April 7th due to parent requests from years prior. Please read details below in regards to Friday and Saturday rehearsals. 

As we head into spring, APA is already thinking about summer and fall classes. We officially open our recreational summer dance class registration on April 9th, with the schedule coming out today (April 1st). When we say don’t wait too long to register, we really mean it – the full length summer session is a great way to keep on top of our dance fitness during the break and may be even try a new style (especially if you’re hoping to make that team in the future)! We understand competitive students will not be able to register for intensives until audition results are sent.   

One of our favorite events is our Father/Dancer dance that we perform at our June showcases.  This is a free event and we hope to get as many dads involved (If dad isn’t available, feel free to invite your uncle, grandpa, etc)!  We will have free classes at APA for you to bring Dad and learn the dance, AND we will send out the video link in the May newsletter for you to learn on your own.  More details to come. 

Continue reading for more important info!            

More Important Info For You To Know:  

APA Competitive Student of the Month:  Bryanna Wilde – Bryanna always has a positive attitude and is willing to help her teammates. She strives to be her best self and improve her craft at each and every class or rehearsal. She is consistently working to elevate her dance ability and push toward the next level. She is attentive in classes, applies feedback and corrections, and infuses personality into her routines.  Bryanna loves dance and takes any and all opportunities to learn more; she has attended 3 of the 4 conventions that have been offered this year, as well as our in house Winter Intensive. Bryanna is also a great team assistant for Petite Green, and a role model for those young girls – demonstrating everything at 100%. We’ve enjoyed watching her mature and grow over the past several years.  Great job Bryanna, you couldn’t be more deserving!  Bryanna was nominated by Miss Sarah, Miss Heather, Miss Alyse and Miss Danielle.  

Friday and Saturday Rehearsals & Classes Friday, April 6th and Saturday, April 7th are the last rehearsals before the next competition. All students must attend to be able to participate at the Thunderstruck Competition the following weekend unless you made prior arrangements via response to the email sent in January. *Based on the Thunderstruck schedule, there will most likely be class that Friday evening for the Poms Teams (most of the time, but not always, solos and duo/trios go on Friday nights so teams would still have class). In that case, Friday April 13th would be the rehearsal prior that you’d need to be sure to attend… HOWEVER, without a schedule we cannot guarantee that so you should not plan to miss on April 6th. 

Showcase days and times:  The dates and times for all leveled technique ballet classes as well as all team routines will be announced in the May newsletter. 

Upcoming Production Rehearsal dates and times:  All rehearsals will be from 8-10am at the Oak Creek Studio.  April 21st, May 12th, and June 9th. 

2018-2019 Team Auditions:  Our auditions will be held on Saturday, May 5th & Sunday, May 6th at our Oak Creek location. The date was moved up from last year due to the Showstoppers Competition being later in May this year and then running into Memorial Day, etc.  All details, including times, summer intensive dates, and how to pre-register will be emailed out by April 20th.  Registration for the 2018-2019 Fall and 2018 Summer requirements begins after audition results are final. We will not announce our teams until after our Spring Showcase, on June 18th.  In addition to our audition days, we will also be getting feedback from teachers regarding student’s class rehearsals, attendance records and any behavioral issues to help us pick our teams. Auditions for returning team members and current studio members will be pre-registration only.   

Competition Feedback/Pointers for a Smooth Season:  

~Parents: If your child has a costume change it is your responsibility to have a mom, sister or female guardian go to the dressing room area to help them get changed.  This is not the responsibility of a team assistant or team coach – they do their best to help but have other responsibilities and timelines to manage as well. 

~Reminder:  Call time means hair done, make up done, costume and shoes on so that the dancer is ready to run through that routine(s). Students are expected to be situated in the dressing room prior to this time, and to have already warmed up their bodies for healthy dancing. “Call time” is a performance industry term for when one needs to be “ready to work.” 

~Dancers:  You may have multiple routines to run at a specific call time – we know this and purposely booked them this way to allow ample time for the other members in your group and also your coach. You should NOT expect to meet with your first team and stay with them until you perform that routine… you other routine will need you as well. It does require some time management and leaving one of the teams for a bit but that is already understood and expected by coaches. 

~Eating at competitions:  We cannot control the schedule and flow of the competition, and we base call times off how long in advance we need to begin running for stage and also accounting for dancers and coaches with multiple teams in a close time span. Meals and snacks must be managed around call times; dancers are not allowed to disperse after their call time because we may not find them all again in time to go on stage. Please prepare ahead of time – look at call times, expected performance times, and award sessions and plan for when you can get them (or they can get themselves) snacks or meals. 

**We know there can be a lot going on during competition weekends (your coaches have been there as students too), and there are sometimes many unknowns until the moments before or even of… but we must continue to treat each other with respect and understanding. We want to help you as much as possible, but APA staff are fielding the entire studio’s questions, conflicts, last minute issues – that adds up and it’s a long day(s) for us too! We cannot control scheduling, competition companies make their own errors as well, and we have the best interest of each team as a whole to consider – we CAN try to make the best of the weekend, take care of any unexpected events one by one, and enjoy the experience as a united studio!** 

Fall Schedule – If your student is enrolling in our competitive program again next year, please wait to register for TECHNIQUE & REHEARSAL classes until AFTER auditions. 

Competitive Team Performance: June 10th  Doors open at 5pm, Show starts at 5:30pm.  Pre-sale Tickets: $8 per person and $10 per person at the door. Tickets will be on sale at the Oak Creek and Franklin front desk starting Monday May 21st.  Please note this is not for the June 16th and June 17th APA showcases (ticket sale details for APA’s yearly showcases are at the bottom of the newsletter). 

Summer and Fall Dance Assistant Applications: If your child is going to be 10 years old by September 1st and is interested in assisting dance classes this summer and/or next year, please click below to complete an assistant application.  All summer applications are due no later than May 31st.  For every 2 hours of class they assist for the summer session, they will receive a $61 credit for fall classes. Fall classes:  for every two 2 hours of class they assist per week, they receive a monthly $41 tuition credit.  Please keep in mind the more flexibility and availability you have, the easier it is to schedule. Please make sure to review each application as there have been changes.

CLICK HERE for Summer Application

  Click Here for Fall Application

Want to know more about what is expected when assisting, this article will answer many of your questions.   

Summer Intensives: schedules coming out April 20th along with Audition information 

Communication: As stated in the team contract and at parent meetings, communication through private accounts or personal phone numbers will not be addressed. All parents and staff must use official channels. Trisha can be emailed at [email protected] 

Parent Observation Week May 7th – 12th We invite parents to come and sit in the classroom to see what your child has been working on in all dance, music, and acting classes. We will have enough chairs for each child to bring 2 people. If you choose to bring grandma or grandpa please be ready to bring in additional chairs. If you have a younger child that can be disruptive to the class, please watch outside of the classroom through our observation windows. 

Team Pictures Tuesday June 12th: Please save the date! Starting at noon, we will do team photos like we did last year – this helps us avoid so much frantic running at rehearsal, and pictures look better with calmer faces.  Details/time slots will be in the May newsletter.  

Optional Kringle Fundraiser – Earn money towards summer or fall tuition:  We are doing a fundraiser through Racine Danish Kringle. Order forms will be available at our front desk. We have had people make over $300 in profit from this fundraiser alone. Order Form Due Date – Monday, April 30th.   All late orders handed in will receive $10 off of your profit!  Wherever you drop off your form is where you need to pick up!  Please make sure you have everyone make out their check to you, and then you need to make one check out to APA.  We will not order your fundraiser without payment.  It would be in your best interest to collect payment as people place orders.  Profits will be in your account before May 15th!  (Pick up dates are listed on the fundraiser) 

Morning With Mom Painting Event APA is excited to be hosting a Morning With Mom painting event on Sunday, May 6th!  This event will be held from 9-11 am at our Oak Creek location.    Mom and child will work together to create a fun, keepsake art piece on stained wood.   The cost for this event is only $45 per mom/child team and includes the wood board, all painting materials, stencil, donuts and juice!   CLICK HERE for full details and to sign up today.   Limited number of spots available!  *Event appropriate for children ages 5+ 

Kudos! Program:  We’re teaming up with local businesses to offer exciting perks to our APA families.  If you are a business owner (this is great for at home businesses too!) and want exposure to hundreds of families this FREE opportunity is perfect for you!  CLICK here for more details or email Rachel at [email protected]

License Plate Winner: Congrats to license plate 253-3AC.    One of our staff members spotted your Academy window sticker while driving!  Please contact the front desk so we know who you are and you will receive a $50 tuition credit.  To participate, grab a FREE window sticker at the desk!  

Logo Wear for Sale:  You can place orders from our online store from the 1st-10th of each month.  We do not have these items available at the studio. All orders will take 3-4 weeks after the store closing date and will be shipped for free to APA.  We will notify you when your items are available for pick-up.  Click here to order! 

Upcoming Team Events… 

April 13th – 15th  Thunderstruck Dance Competition @ SMPAC in So Milwaukee  
April 27th – 29th  Rainbow Dance @ SMPAC in So Milwaukee    No Spectator fee  


May 5th – 6th  APA Team Auditions Audition forms and fees due in advance 
May 18th – 20th  Showstoppers Dance Competition in the Dells @ Kalahari No Spectator fee  
May 29th  Team Banquet @ OC Community Center Dancers and Coaches only 
June 10th Required Team Performance/Fundraiser @ So. Milwaukee Middle School Gymnasium Spectator fee  


Fundraiser, silent auctions and more! 

June 12th -14th  Dance Dress Rehearsals @ SMAPC  
June 15-16th  APA Spring Showcase @ SMPAC Tickets for sale through SMPAC 
June 18th – 22nd  Legacy Midwest Nationals in Wisconsin Dells (Based on Availability and Team Qualifications)  



Spring Dance Showcase Information –  
For a full list of details for our spring show including performance times please click here.  Please remember it is very hard for us to get siblings to perform together.  We run an enrollment report from families that register prior to June 15th and try to prioritize in the order that you register. 

**Purchase a Happy Gram for your dancer in our Spring ShowcaseDEADLINE EXTENDED TO APRIL 15th!!   Programs books are available at the desk to see an example!   CLICK HERE!

**Earn Tuition credit Students may sell business ads for the Spring Showcase programs and earn tuition credit, be our cover model, get a FREE summer dance class and more!  Click here to see the order forms to give to businesses and a full list of prizes available.  DEADLINE EXTENDED TO APRIL 15th! 


Ticket Sale Dates Monday, May 7th:  online only at 10am 
Monday, May 14th:  tickets can be purchased over the phone or in person. 

Ways to order Tickets at the South Milwaukee Box Office: 
Online (preferred method)
In Person–  901 15th Ave. South Milwaukee Hours are Monday-Friday 10am-4pm 

Phone –  (414) 766-5049 Hours are Monday – Friday 10am-4pm 

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