Monthly Newsletter – May 2019

Happy May everyone!    We are getting so close to our end-of-the-year performances.  It seems like just yesterday we were sizing for dance shoes and ordering music books.  As we come to an end we are already planning for next year.  Every year, we send out a survey after all of our performances are over.  This is such a great way for you to leave us feedback.  We would love to hear everything…. good, bad, etc.  It is great to hear things you love, so we know to keep doing them, and it is crucial we hear about things you wish we would change.  We personally read every single survey and share them with the staff.  It is such a great way to make APA better every year.  We appreciate you taking the time to fill this out for us.    
Another one of our favorite things coming up is our Dad/Dancer Production that we perform at our Spring Showcase!  This is a free event and we hope to get as many Dads as possible involved!  (If Dad isn’t available, feel free to invite your Uncle, Grandpa, etc.)  We will have free classes at APA for you to bring Dad and learn the dance OR we will send out the video link in the June Newsletter for you to learn on your own.   Practice dates are listed at the bottom of the Newsletter under our Spring Dance Showcase information. 

We know that many questions pop up at this time of year, so please do not hesitate to call, email, or stop in!  We are here to help and want to make sure you know what is coming up!    


Optional Kringle Fundraiser – Orders Due TODAY, Wednesday, May 1st.  Wherever you drop off your form is where you need to pick up!   

Parent Observation Week May 6th– May 11th –  We invite parents to come and sit in the classroom to see what your child has been working on in all dance and music classes! We will have enough chairs for each child to bring 2 people. If you choose to bring Grandma and/or Grandpa please bring additional chairs. If you have a younger child that can be disruptive to the class, please watch from outside of the classroom through our observation windows. 

Music Spring Recital – Sunday, May 19th – Our Music Recital will be held at the Oak Creek Salvation Army, located at 8853 S. Howell Ave. in Oak Creek, starting at 1pm. This is a beautiful space that seats up to 400 people. We will have multiple acts and will announce the times in May. This is a free event for students and any friends or family. Please feel free to invite as many guests as you would like. The recital will be about 1 hour in length per act. Teachers will only be attending certain acts. If you have not informed your teacher that you will be participating, please let them know ASAP!  Performance orders will be emailed out by MAY 14th. 

Memorial Day Weekend –  We will have regular classes through Saturday, May 25th.  We WILL be closed Sunday, May 26th and Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day.  

Student Absences –   Our Music and Dance recitals are coming up soon!  If your student is missing a lot of classes prior to an upcoming performance, please make sure they are practicing at home.  If a student does not know their music piece or dance routine, our teachers may ask that those students do not participate in our Shows.  

Mother’s Day Tea Party –  Saturday, May 11th at our Oak Creek location from 2:30-4pm! Celebrate Mother’s Day at APA!  Mom and child(ren) will learn a fun dance together, get their photo taken in our photo booth, have story time and enjoy a snack together!    This event is appropriate for ages 4-8 with Mom, open to boys and girls, and to the community.    Find out more and save your spot by clicking here.   

Yard Sign Contest –   Our yard sign contest is back!   Grab a yard sign from the lobby of either location and place it in your yard.  If we spot your house you could be our next tuition credit winner!   If you’re our lucky winner, you’ll receive a $50 tuition credit.  Winners are announced via Facebook.  You must comment in on the post if it is your house that is the winner.   

Summer Classes Monday, July 8th- Saturday, August 17th –   Schedules are available now for our 6-week Summer session!  Check out our NEW Class Pass for Ages 8+, Day Camps, and Workshops!!!  Click here for the schedule and to register!

Fall Schedule Registration opens ONLINE ONLY Wednesday, May 1st.  In person/over the phone registrations begin Monday, May 6th.  Upon registering you will be charged your $25 yearly membership fee p/p ($40 max. per family) and for September’s tuition to hold your spot in that class.  Preschool registration/supply fees are higher.    Click here to register now!

May Madness Sale!!   Save now on Fall classes!

May 1st-3rd:  30% off September Only Group Dance Classes 
May 4th-12th:  25% off September Only Group Dance Classes 
May 13th-Memorial Day:  20% off September Only Group Dance Classes 

Oak Creek Preschool REGISTRATION OPEN NOW!  CLICK HERE for our 2019/20 School year information.    

Automatic Withdrawals   Automatic withdrawals for tuition will stop after May 15th for everyone, unless you sign up for our Fall session.   Dancers who are not performing in our Spring Showcase will be pro-rated for June tuition. 
Music Classes:  On May 15th Tuesday-Thursday students will be charged for one June music lesson and Saturday & Monday students will be charged for two lessons. Our last music lessons will be on Monday, June 10th.   Some students will have makeup lessons scheduled thru June 17th for snow days in January unless your teacher previously made these up.   Please see the front desk for your child’s last lesson date.    


Sign up for all our parades and get full details by going to    Participation in the parades is always FREE, but registration is required.  Meeting location and times will be emailed out a week prior.  Parade details (routes, etc..) for each city can also be found on each city’s website.   

4th of July Parade Sign-Up –  Come walk with us in the 4th of July Parade and help represent APA!  We will be in the Oak Creek and Franklin parades.  All younger students under the age of 6 will sit on our float/truck.  For students ages 7 and up, we will teach a fun dance for them to do during the parade.  Music students that do NOT want to dance, feel free to walk with us in the parades.   
We will have practice times for the students to come and learn the dance or can provide you with a video link to practice at home.  Don’t worry; this will be an easy dance!  Both locations will be doing the same dance so you can attend either location if the practice times work better.   This will always be the same dance every year but to a different song.  Practice dates will be available in the June newsletter. 

Heritage Days Parade:  Join us for this fun parade on Saturday, July 27th in South Milwaukee!   Parade starts at 11am.    

Parade attire:  Students under the age of 6 can wear their Showcase costume (ballet shoes and tights are not necessary) or they can wear their APA t-shirt (given out at recitals) with shorts and tennis shoes.  Students that are age 7 and older and that will be dancing/walking, please wear your APA t-shirt with shorts/pants and tennis shoes.  Use your best judgment to make sure your child(ren) will be comfortable during the parade. 

Saying Goodbyes –  This year we will be losing some staff members as they pursue other opportunities.  Miss Tess & Mr. Jeremy, from our Music department, will be leaving us after our Summer session.  We would like to thank them for all they have done for our students and families at APA!  We’ve enjoyed having them with us and we wish them well!   

Cheer on our Competitive TeamsOur Competitive Teams will be competing at the Rainbow Dance Competition on May 3rd-5th.  It’s held right at the South Milwaukee PAC (same place as our Showcases!) and admission is Free.  Come cheer them on!!! 

2019-2020 Competitive Team Auditions – Auditions will be held on Saturday, May 18th & Sunday, May 19th at our Oak Creek location. An email was sent out mid-April with details regarding next year’s season. 

Saturday:                                                                                                 Sunday: 

830-1030am: Hip Hop, Ages 7+                                                             12-3:15pm: Jazz, 7+ 

1030-12pm: Tap, Ages 7+                                                                      3:15-5:15: Lyrical, 7+ 

12-1pm: Pre-Team, ages 4-7, must have 1 year of Tap experience 

1-1:30pm: LUNCH BREAK 

1:30-3pm: Poms, ages 7+ 

Click here to complete your Dancer Disclosure form and register for auditions: 

We will not announce our audition results until after our Spring Showcase. In addition to our audition days, we will also be getting feedback from teachers regarding student’s classes, rehearsals, attendance records and any behavioral issues to help us pick our Teams. Auditions for returning Team members and current APA members will be by pre-registration only. 

Questions about Team Auditions or the 2019/2020 session? Email Miss Trisha, our Competitive Team Coordinator, at [email protected]. Miss Trisha can answer questions on the administrative aspect of being on a Team(s):  for example, Hours required per Team, fees, time and financial commitments, etc.  Questions regarding a dancer’s ability or Team placement would be addressed by their current teachers and/or Miss Sarah, our Dance Director.   

License Plate Winner Congrats to license plate 706-XHE. One of our staff members spotted your APA window sticker while driving!  Please contact the front desk so we know who you are and you will receive a $50 tuition credit.  To participate, grab a FREE window sticker at the desk!   

 Logo Wear for Sale   You can click the link below and place your order online.  Our store will close on the 10th of the month and will not reopen until the 1st of the next month.  All orders will take 3-4 weeks after the store closing date and will be shipped for free to APA.  Click here to order!   

NEW Online Nimbly Dancewear Store –   Shop online with us for all your Revolution dancewear needs! This does not include APA logo wear.  Buy leotards, shoes, tights and more, and get them shipped directly to your home.   Perfect for when Grandma and Grandpa want to buy gifts!!  Click here to order today! 

APA Students of the Month –  

Music Student:  Congratulations to Lola Guardado, our Music Student of the Month. Lola is in 2nd grade at J Jones Elementary School where her favorite subject is Art. She would like to be a teacher when she grows up. Some of her favorite things are Pizza, Brownies, and the color blue. Lola’s favorite style of music is country and her favorite artist is the Zac Brown Band. This is Lola’s first year taking piano lessons at APA. Miss Allison nominated Lola because she is a dedicated piano and dance student at APA. She practices hard at home and works hard perfecting her skills in her lessons. At home Lola will sometimes look ahead in her book to challenge herself to learn new songs on her own. Great job, Lola! 

Recreational Dance Student: Congratulations to Madison Fischer, our Recreational Dancer of the Month. Madison is in 3rd grade at Bay Lane Elementary School, where her favorite subject is Math. When she grows up she would like to be a waitress. Her favorite color is teal. She loves to eat Mac N’ Cheese and Ice Cream. She also enjoys playing Helix Jump. Madison’s heroes are her family and her teachers! Her favorite song is Youngblood. This is Madison’s 4th year at APA and her favorite style of dance is Lyrical. She loves all the fun outfits (costumes) and rehearsals! Madison was nominated by Miss Jordynn.  Miss Jordynn says “Madison always comes to class with a big smile and is ready to do nothing but dance! She is always giving her 100% best while also encouraging her classmates. Maddie takes the corrections I give her and applies them week after week to better her technique. It’s easy to see that she has grown tremendously as a dancer (and person) since January! Maddie is a very dedicated and hard-working dancer. Such a pleasure to teach!”  

Competitive Dance Student: Congratulations Hailey Barth, our Competitive Team Dancer of the Month. Hailey is in 8th grade at Walden III Middle School where her favorite subject is Math. She would like to enter the medical field when she grows up. Hailey’s parents are her heroes. Hailey enjoys using the app Snapchat and her favorite color is white. Her favorite food are Buffalo Wild Wings and her favorite dessert is Cheesecake. Hailey has been dancing at APA for 10 years and this is her 3rd year on Teams. Her favorite style of dance is Poms. Her favorite memory is competing and feeling that she did really well. Dance has taught her to “Never Give Up”. Hailey was nominated by all of her competitive coaches. They love her positivity! “She always has a smile on her face, even on difficult days when rehearsals can be long, and never brings outside negativity into the classroom. Hailey puts forth the effort and energy to continue to grow as a dancer and a person. She always comes back knowing her choreography.  She is a supportive teammate and a great role model. She also tells some great jokes!”  Congratulations, Hailey! 



DANCE ONLY INFO BELOW —————-           

Summer and Fall Dance Assistant Applications –  If your child is going to be 10 years old by September 1st and is interested in assisting dance classes this Summer and/or next school year, please click below to complete an assistant application.  All Summer applications are due no later than May 31st.  For every 2 hours a week of class they assist for the Summer session, they will receive a $61 credit for Fall classes, if they assist all 6 weeks.  

Fall Applications will be available in the June newsletter. Since we will need to know your dance schedule prior to giving your availability, the deadline will be after Team results come out. Please keep in mind the more flexibility and availability you have, the easier it is to schedule. Please make sure to review each application as there have been changes.  Any assistant who commits to assisting a minimum of 1 class at the Franklin location will get priority scheduling! 

Click here for Summer Assistant Application   

Want to know more about what is expected when assisting? This article will answer many of your questions. 



Daddy/Dancer Production @ our Spring Dance Showcase –  
Come join this FREE event!    This is for current students performing in our Spring Dance Showcase who want to dance with their Dad for an additional performance during their Showcase time.  Only one practice would be needed to learn the routine or if you can’t make it, we will have a video link for you to learn at home starting in June.  Students will wear their costume on stage for the performance.  Dads, please wear khaki pants or jeans and button up shirt for the performance.   Both locations may attend either practice.  

Franklin Practices: SATURDAY, June 1st 
Grades 1st and younger:  12pm-12:45pm (45 minutes) 
Grades 2nd and older:  12:45-1:15pm  (30 minutes) 

Oak Creek Practices:   SATURDAY, June 8th 
Grades 1st and younger:  12:30pm-1:15pm (45 minutes) 
Grades 2nd and older:  1:15-1:45pm  (30 minutes) 

Please register for your Showcase time by CLICKING HERE.  You may register for as many show times as you would like!    

Friday 6:15pm           Saturday 9:30am       Saturday 11:45am  
Saturday 2pm       Saturday 4:15pm      Saturday 6:30pm  

Hair for Showcase –  

All Recreational Classes – high, curled ponytail 
Leveled Ballet and Teams – Low bun with middle part. If you are in a Team, leveled-ballet and a recreational class, please wear low bun with middle part hair for both!   
Video of Recital Dance   If you would like to record your child’s dance(s) for the Spring Showcase to practice at home, please do this IN CLASS during Parent Observation Week, May 6th – May 11th.  APA will not be recording the classes for Showcase.    

Music –  If your student would like to practice at home with their music, please email us to receive your music link.   

For a full list of details for our Spring Show including performance times please click here

Please remember it is very hard for us to get siblings to perform together.  We run an enrollment report from families that register prior to June 15th and try to prioritize in the order that you register.  If siblings perform in different shows, we will put a credit in your APA account for a value of 4 REGULAR tickets.  Please notify us before May 14th so we can put the credit in your account before the final payment. 
Ticket Sale Dates –   Wednesday, May 8th: ONLINE ONLY at 10am 
Tuesday, May 14th:  tickets can be purchased over-the-phone or in-person. 

Ways to order Tickets at the South Milwaukee Box Office: 
Online (preferred method)
Phone – (414) 766-5049 Hours are Monday – Friday 10am-4pm 

In Person– 901 15th Ave. South Milwaukee Hours are Monday-Friday 10am-1pm.  Currently, all walk-up ticket sales customers must use Door #7 (district door off of 15th Ave.) and present a photo ID.  

Cost:  $14 for premium seats, $12 for regular seats and $10 obstructed view. 

Spring Dance Showcase Details – Friday, June 14th & Saturday, June 15th  
For details on rehearsal times, show times, ticket sale dates, hair and make-up etc.  Please click here  

Dance Showcase Volunteers – If you are interested in working backstage for our Showcase, please let the front desk know. You will not need to purchase a ticket and you will be able to see your son or daughter perform from the side of the stage or in the back of the auditorium. We need several volunteers for all 6 showcases.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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